July 22, 2010
Still Not Over It
Winnipeg Jets

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The Winnipeg Jets were eliminated from the NHL 14 years ago. But for one fan, the pain is still raw. In fact, he's facing charges after allegedly calling 911 to demand the NHL reinstate the Winnipeg Jets.
To follow up on this morning's item about a judge ruling that competitive cheerleading is not a sport, Guyism.com has put together strong evidence to the contrary.
The Life Of A Superstar
It's been a big week for Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. First, he landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Then, he frolicked on the beach in Cabo with Kim Kardashian.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Katie Green :: Sylvia Linares/Getty Images
Katie Green is an English model and today's LLOD.
Good News, Cavs Fans
Sure, things have been bleak for Cleveland backers, but things are finally looking up. On Friday, five participating Chili's in the Cleveland area will be giving away free desserts.
Tough Break
You need to read the story of a man in San Francisco who tried to steal someone's iPhone on Monday. (Thanks to reader Scott Robinson, for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
This Brazilian league soccer match turns wild when a coach takes offense at a radio reporter sticking a microphone in his face.

Useful T-Shirt Video Of The Day
I have a feeling you'll be seeing these all over college campuses soon.

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