April 27, 2012
The Best NFL Draft Analysis On The Web
Roger Goodell :: AP

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You don't need words when you have GIFs. (Thanks to @David_Ely for the link.)
The Agony and the Ecstasy
Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu got a call Thursday night from someone who claimed they were with the Bengals organization. They told Sanu he'd be taken with Cincinnati's first-round pick (No. 27 overall), but when it was the Bengals time to pick, Roger Goodell called out Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler's name instead. The person who called Sanu was not with the Bengals. On the flip side, listen to emotion in LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne's voice after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells him Dallas is about to select him.
Spicing Up The Opening Tip
All season long, Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has done some sort of trickery after the opening tip. Here is a thorough breakdown and video.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Katsia Zingarevich :: Thomas Concordia/Getty Images
Wayne L., of Toronto, says, "Hey, Jimmy, I don't recall if this devastating beauty has ever been featured, but she definitely deserves some consideration. I'm a huge fan of Premier League soccer as some of my family live in Reading, UK. Katsia Zingarevich is the wife of the new owner at Reading, Anton Zingarevich, and the team is set for promotion back to the top division. We'll definitely be seeing a lot of her during the 2012-2012 season." Well, after doing my research, that seems like a good thing. Therefore, Katsia Zingarevich is getting today's LLOD honors.
Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured the antics of White Sox announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson. This prompted Mike L., of Minneapolis to send in this video of Harrelson calling a game-winning homer by Jim Thome against the White Sox. And by "calling," I mean not saying a word. In other announcer fun, this is an outstanding clip from last night's Red Sox game in which Jerry Remy gets frustrated with Don Orsillo about not knowing the difference between gloves and mittens.
Sports Video Of The Day
Jazz forward Enes Kanter is from Turkey, so his English isn't 100 percent sharp. When the rookie gave a very quick speech for Utah's regular-season finale last night, his teammates couldn't contain their excitement. Of course, Kanter's epic mic drop contributed to that.

Thief Video Of The Day
If you've ever wanted to watch a guy steal sausage, here you go.

Live TV Video Of The Day
Best videobomb ever?

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship. You'll want to stick with this one until the end.

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