July 28, 2010
Move Over, Chris Rock
Dave Anderson :: Bob Levey/Getty Images

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Houston Texans wide receiver David Anderson appeared at an MLS All-Star party last night and did some stand-up comedy. And that is the understatement of the year. What he did was eight-plus minutes of extremely funny material that was also vulgar and R-rated. If you click on the link to watch, be warned: There are f-bombs, stories about him seeing the genitalia of 52 men and masturbation jokes. (Am I allowed to say masturbation on SI.com?) Anyway, I know that description means every single one of you will click on the link, but I just wanted to properly prepare you.
Another Bad Decision?
Who knows if LeBron James and his people are behind this but earlier today, ESPNLosAngeles.com posted a story about James's recent weekend in Vegas. Highlights included James having a dance-off with Lamar Odom, James lamenting the fact that he wasn't being served by some of the waitresses, and James taking fake jump shots while walking through a casino. But as quickly as the story went up, it came down and is off the Web site (although, you can read it here). Now, the question is, why? Did James's camp ask ESPN to remove it? An ESPN spokesperson said this afternoon: "The story should have never been published. The draft was inadvertently put on the server before going through the usual editorial process. We are in the midst of looking into the matter."
Ocho And Owens Odds
Via BoDog.com comes these two wagers the site is offering:

Who will receive more total fines from the NFL in the 2010 NFL Regular Season?
Chad Ochocinco -200
Terrell Owens +150

Will Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens both be fined by the NFL for a TD celebration that they perform together?
Yes +200
No -300

Lovely Lady Of The Day
Kelly Brook :: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
Kelly Brook has been the LLOD before, but she just attended Comic-Com and that's good enough to get her the honor again.
E-Mail Of The Day
This e-mailed landed in my inbox this afternoon: "Hi Jimmy, this is Holly Kishere (Tour de France host) your Lovely Lady of the Past Few Days! You are a very popular guy. Jimmy. I have been swamped with e-mails about you and SI. So I'm sending you a link to my portfolio, to make myself less of a mystery :-)
Set Your DVRs
HBO will air a 12-minute preview of the must-watch series, Hard Knocks, tonight at 11 p.m. ET. The show begins Wednesday, Aug. 11.
Sports Video Of The Day
One of the videos that's been in Hot Clicks a couple of times but still gets sent to me fairly regularly is DJ Steve Porter's "Press Hop," a remix of several athletes uttering classic phrases at press conferences. Well, Porter is back with "Press Hop 2."

Angry News Anchor Video Of The Day
I guess he doesn't like the correspondent.

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