September 28, 2011
This Is What Baseball Is All About
Ryan Roberts :: AP

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With his team down 6-3 in the bottom of the 10th last night, Diamondbacks third baseman Ryan Roberts hit a walk-off grand slam. What followed: Roberts imitating his manager, Kirk Gibson; Roberts ripping his jersey off Hulk Hogan-style before hitting home plate, and the announcers going crazy. Love it.
Ozzie's Greatest Tweets
With Ozzie Guillen out of Chicago and headed to Florida, looks back at the manager's most memorable Tweets from his time with the White Sox.
The Most Mysterious Man In Sports History
If you didn't see ESPN's Catching Hell last night, here's a tip if you plan on watching it down the road: Skip the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes. It's all filler and a rehashing of the 1986 Red Sox, and quite frankly, it was awful. The middle hour, which covers the Steve Bartman saga, is worth checking out. While watching the show, the one thing I couldn't stop thinking about was the fact that Bartman has never done an interview and, in this age of media overload, he's managed to stay in hiding. This was also pointed out by one of my Twitter followers. And, in an amusing twist, Deadspin, the site that can get Brett Favre penis pictures and Rex Ryan foot fetish videos, is even tipping its cap to Bartman for managing to stay away.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kelly Brook :: AP
Actress Kelly Brook has made a couple of public appearances lately and she's looked stunning each time.
The NHL Is Pathetic
As Puck Daddy points out, the NHL suspended James Wisniewski because he made an oral sex motion to another player, and the league suspended Sean Avery because he said another player was dating his "sloppy seconds." However, the league announced yesterday that it would not take any action against Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds, who alledgedly hurled a derogatory gay slur (which is evident if you watch the video) at Avery. So much for consistency.
E-Mail Of The Day
Personally, I've always the thought the LLOD feature in P.M. Hot Clicks was just a cheap way to get traffic. Apparently, to some, it's much more than that. Tonto73, of Austin, Texas, (yes, that was the name he submitted), has thought long and hard about the LLOD and sent me this e-mail. I had to share with the rest of Hot Clicks Nation because it's one of the best I've ever gotten.

"LLOD -- Proposed Rule Changes.

The LLOD has come to remind me of NCAA football, therefore I would like to propose rule changes for future LLOD considerations. I see three similarities:

1) The Major Conferences Dominate: Former and current SI Swimsuit models, Erin Andrews, Minka Kelly and anything Kardashian. This has diluted the true beauty of the LLOD, which are the real 'finds' of the day. Bring us that hidden beauty from some obscure web site that readers could never take the time to research. Strive for the NCAA March Madness and not the easiest link. Give us the TCUs and Boise States of some publication far far away. To ease the pain, create a 'Legends' division so that those important updates of the major conferences are never hard to find if one is so inclined to delve further into their most recent activities.

2) Spare Us The Slaughter Rule Games: University of Texas versus Rice: The Longhorns have won 10 straight and 40 of the last 41 against the Owls. Who cares but only the most devoted Longhorn fan. Did a non-fan of either team bother to TiVo this game? Time is precious and linking to a red carpet/glam shot is like watching UT vs. Rice. You might as well be reading a supermarket tabloid you grabbed in the waiting room of your dentist before getting a root canal. If the link is not to a bikini or lingerie shot then put the link some where else. Create a 'Plasma' division for those who worship the stars of the silver and small screen that have yet been invited to pose for a more LLOD caliber photo shoot.

3) Stop Playing Great Games During The Weekdays: Bring on the Rivalry Games, Saturday, Prime Time. Throughout my time enjoying the site, LLOD has linked to more 'lists' than countable -- the top 70 this, the best 25 this, these are truly great. The debate, the 're-ranking,' the passion for or against the author instills something more than just turning pages. This is like lining up a Saturday in front of the TV. Unfortunately, lists don't translate well on weekdays, just need the prime time stuff. Weekends, bring them on. The Friday PM or Weekend 'List Edition' may make this a truly marketable publication."Since Tonto put so much effort into this, I'll take some of these suggestions into consideration.
Sports Video Of The Day
A lot of blogs picked up the story earlier this week of a Browns fan who jumped on the field to celebrate with the team after they scored a game-winning touchdown against the Dolphins. However, he was only on the field for seconds. This Gaelic Football fan celebrated with his team for an hour and a half. (Thanks to Daniel Smith, of New York, for the video.)

Balcony Pool Jump Video Of The Day
This. Is. Insane. (Warning: There are several f-bombs in the background.) (Thanks to Jeremy Fluhr, of Dubuque, Iowa, for the link.)

Andy Rooney Video Of The Day
The longtime 60 Minutes contributor announced his retirement yesterday. Below is the 92-year-old's greatest television moment ever.

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