June 13, 2008
The Links
Indiana Hoops: The Saga Continues

Sampson and IU will face an NCAA committee today. :: AP
Kelvin Sampson and Indiana University officials will defend themselves in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions today and tomorrow. While they're in Seattle, new coach Tom Crean will be drawing up plays for his only remaining scholarship player, who's home in Detroit for the summer.
Big Ten Football Predictions
Multiple Big Ten bloggers got cracking early this summer. Zombie Nation is here with their collective Big Ten football predictions for the upcoming season. On top: Ohio State. On the bottom: Minnesota. Lost in the middle: Michigan. Enraged by the predictions: OTR.
Go Back to College
Presumably, few athletes would favor leaving the professional ranks to return to their college days. But some probably should. Today, Uncoached makes the suggestion to former Dukie Shavlik Randolph. Guess those 0.9 ppg simply aren't cutting it.
Coming Soon: Big East Lax
The Big East is forming a new men's lacrosse league, and 10-time national champion Syracuse (currently an independent) will join. The league will start competing in spring 2010.
More Cheerleaders (circa 2005)

Whatever the year, the VaTech cheer girls are a popular bunch. :: Bill Frakes/Sports Illustrated
Cheerleader love is not a fleeting thing, so for today's "Partying with Cheerleaders," Uncoached looks back fondly at Virginia Tech's '05 squad.
Google to the Rescue
Loyal readers, your lesson of the day is: don't lie about things that a simple Google search can prove false. Chicago State University announced its intention to keep interim baseball coach Husain Mahmoud on board, only to later find out Mahmoud lied about numerous biographical facts -- like being drafted by the Reds in the 30th round of the 1971 MLB draft.
Politics and Jerseys Unite
If you're a Team Obama '08 member but object to aesthetically unpleasing campaign T-shirts, this Obama throwback jersey might be just the ticket.
Random Item of the Day
These toilet signs are much more amusing than the traditional white-on-blue stick figures.
Pop Culture Nugget
R. Kelly has a new hope: Marlon Wayans.
Today in Hot Clicks
Celtics-Lakers roundup (and cheerleaders!) ... Most famous batting stances ... Top mullets ... David Stern hanging out with Vince McMahon? ... Video: Phillies rap ... Driver Ed test gone bad.
Odds and Ends
UWire looks at its No. 2 preseason football team, USC ... A tornado hit a Kansas State facility housing a nuclear reactor ... Careful kids, marijuana hasn't been this potent in 30-years ... Spirits are high at Illinois.
Videos of the Day
Primary Season, Condensed

In case you've been too busy studying (or sleeping), OTR wraps up the democratic primary season in eight minutes.

High School Baseball Brawl

The Washington state baseball playoffs get feisty.

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