January 03, 2013
NBA's Good Guy Finally Does Something Bad
Kevin Durant :: Getty Images

kissing an elderly woman hugging his mom this list, Kevin Durant earned his first ejection Danny Crawford.
Dumb Injury of the Day
Fab Melo walking into a hotel door.
Another Amazing Jose Canseco Tweet
In yesterday's P.M. Clicks, Jose Canseco he outdid himself Dane Cook
Notable Lady Of The Day
Shannon Ihrke :: Courtesy of Shannon Ihrke

Shannon Irkhe seems like a good excuse to feature her Facebook Twitter
Hating Kris Humphries
absolutely nothing to do with Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian claims Humphries is "ruining her life"
Random Items
Wade Boggs bought the Iowa property Field of Dreams Vanessa Bryant doesn't appear to be pleased 10 most embarrassing bloopers Kate Upton Justin Verlander enjoyed New Year's together
RG3 Video Of The Day
Robert Griffin III Mike Shanahan

Bad NBA Refereeing Video Of The Day
Amir Johnson

Time Lapse Video Of The Day

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