January 11, 2010
The Call Was Better Than The Run
Ray Rice :: Al Bello/Getty Images

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In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I asked if anyone had the audio of Kevin Harlan's radio call of Ray Rice's 83-yard touchdown run from yesterday's Ravens-Patriots game. I thank all of you who e-mailed, including the folks at Westwood One. Here is Harlan doing his thing.
More NFL Leftovers
No one expected Julian Edelman to be Wes Welker, but the least he could do is complete the handoff to a fan. ... Steve Breaston channeled his inner Razor Ramon after scoring a TD against Green Bay. ... Where does yesterday's Packers-Cardinals game rank among the top 10 wild-card games of all time?
I'm Shocked, Mike
Mark McGwire just admitted to using steroids during the 1998 season. I know. You're stunned. You never saw it coming. Anyway, most people look back on McGwire and Sammy Sosa's home run race as a mockery. Something that tainted the game forever. I look back on it with fondness, because it gave us this.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Beyonce :: SI
We've all seen tons of Single Ladies spoofs, but this mash up is not to be missed. It combines Beyonce's hit song with the theme to The Andy Griffith Show, and it's outstanding!
Random Links
Shaq fell into the stands and kissed Daniel Baldwin during the Cavs' game against the Blazers last night. ... People are now messing with Tiger Woods Gatorade products. ... Here's a hockey fight in which 691 penalty minutes were given out.
Tonight's TV
How I Met Your Mother begins its string of adding some hot women to their show tonight with guest appearances by Stacy Keibler and Rachel Bilson. (Carrie Underwood joins the show soon.) Meanwhile, Mike Tyson will be a guest host on WWE's Monday Night Raw.
Sports Video Of The Day
Eric, of Decatur, Ill., says, "I saw this at the end of the latest Club Trillion blog. It's of a guy who does sports reporting in the style of a 1920's sports reporter. Thought it might be amusing for hot clicks."

Mugger Video Of The Day
Via Twitter, I found out this video of someone taking out a "mugger" was fake, but it's still worth watching.

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