January 26, 2012
Sending A Message
Ray Lewis :: Simon Bruty/SI

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Cameras filmed linebacker Ray Lewis postgame speech to his teammates after the Ravens lost the AFC Championship game to the Patriots last Sunday. His message and positive spin may surprise you.
"Oh my god. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh."
Injured Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki handled color commentary during Dallas' game against Minnesota last night. This was the highlight.
Touchy, Touchy
Clippers guard Chris Paul didn't appreciate a pat on the head from Lakers forward Pau Gasol last night. By the way, the game also featured a double-clutch dunk and ridiculous over-the-head hook shot by Blake Griffin.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kim Cloutier :: Matt Jones/SI
Here's a new photoshoot from Canadian model, Kim Cloutier.
The Life Of An Athlete
Granted, this is a commercial for a landscape design company, and if any athletes see this, it won't faze them. However, for commoners like you and I, this video of Heath Bell's backyard will leave you highly impressed. The Marlins new closer has to step up his TV game, though. He just has two outside.
Sports Video Of The Day
Sweet catch by the ballboy during this morning's Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer match.

Candice Swanepoel Video Of The Day
This could also be considered the "Sports Video of the Day" because the supermodel is posing with various pieces of equipment.

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