February 03, 2011
Musical Interlude
Troy Polamalu look-alike :: YouTube.com

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I've seen a million -- OK, maybe 50 -- Super Bowl-related song parodies this week. But here's the only one I've seen in which the performer (above) looks exactly like one of the participating players. As for you Packers fans out there, Lil' Wayne has reworked Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow to come up with Green and Yellow. Warning: Both videos contain strong language. (Thanks to Jovan for the tip.)
Another Loss For The Islanders
Last night's Penguins-Islanders game featured a fight between the team's respective goaltenders, Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro. Things didn't go well for DiPietro.
Blake Show + 1
The latest "holy cow" dunk from Blake Griffin came last night against the Bulls. Indiana University's Tom Pritchard must have been inspired by Griffin, because he showed some major ups last night, causing the Big Ten announcers to utter gibberish that you literally couldn't understand.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kim Kardashian :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images
Kim Kardashian + newest issue of FHM UK = Automatic link in Hot Clicks.
Random Links
Justin Bieber attended last night's Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Little girls cried, grown men booed. Seriously. ... Some San Francisco Giants fans are trying to raise money so they can have a banner that says "Giants 2010 Champs: Beat LA," fly over Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day. ... Puck Daddy has unearthed the most disturbing hockey ad ever.
Sports Video Of The Day
Utah State fan "Wild Bill" has been featured many times in Hot Clicks. He was in rare form last night, so he needs to be acknowledged again. (Thanks to Clay, of Baltimore, for the link.)

Parking Garage Video Of The Day
Folks, please find a better place to make out with someone.

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