April 18, 2012
Hoof Hearted

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As I've mentioned recently, Hot Clicks will be celebrating its five-year anniversary next Monday. Since I try to make the column as interactive as possible, I need you guys to help me with two things: One, if you have questions you'd like answered about any topic you can think of, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or e-mail them to me at Jimmy_Traina@simail.com. Two, I'd like to put together a piece on your favorite videos of all time. Twitter follower @BuffGold already got the ball rolling by letting me know that this classic "Hoof Hearted" call was his favorite Hot Clicks video. Please send me yours.
The Reaction
In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I linked to the Philadelphia Daily News cover of Sidney Crosby as the "Cowardly Penguin." Here is a reporter showing Crosby said cover at today's practice.
This Should Not Happen
It's one thing for mayors and radio producers to botch a first pitch, but it's inexcusable for athletes. Check out the poor effort by former NFL linebacker LaVar Arrington from last Friday's Nationals game.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Kim Lee :: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images
James F., of Palo Alto, Calif., says, "Jimmy, I don't think you've ever made Kim Lee the LLOD. Granted, she hasn't been in many hits, but it's time to change that." I agree with James, so Kim Lee is getting today's LLOD honors.
You Won't See This Analysis Anywhere Else
The NFL turned its schedule release last night into a major event. Today, NFL gurus across the web are breaking down the best games of the season. However, SportsPickle.com takes the opposite approach and looks at the 17 worst games on the 2012 schedule.
Knee Slapper
Earlier this week, I linked to a story about Maria Sharapova cutting off all her hair. It turns out the tennis star was just playing a joke.
Commercial Of The Day
After T-Mobile released a commercial starring an attractive brunette, there was a constant stream of "Who is that girl" e-mails to my inbox. We addressed this last May and featured Carly Foulkes in Hot Clicks. Now, T-Mobile and Foulkes are back with a new and improved commercial. (Thanks to Buzzfeed.com for the video.)

Cool Product Video Of The Day
This is the coolest coffee maker you'll ever see. (Thanks to Frank DiPietro, of North Oaks, Minn., for the video.)

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