October 01, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Kirstina Colonna
Kirstina Colonna : Courtesy of Spike TV
I lied to you yesterday. I said I'd get all the Brett Favre-vs.-the-Vikings stuff out of the way, but I have to address this e-mail from Ryan Stevens, of Duluth, Minn. He said, "Many Packers fans have moved on? Are you f------ serious? I live two miles from Superior, Wis., and I know bars that are not showing the Monday night game due to the rage that Packers fans are still in. You have absolutely no clue how devastated they are. And another thing. If I ever see you, I will f------ punch you in the face. I'm sick of hearing about how much you hate Favre. It's f------ annoying. First David Ortiz leaves Minny for Boston and explodes and wins a ring, then KG goes to Boston and wins a Championship AND F------ THEN, Moss goes to New England and wins a Super Bowl. So this is what I ask of you Jimmy: The Vikings would not be 3-0 with TJack starting, so just let us have this right now. The Twins don't deserve the playoffs and the Tpuppies suck. And who cares about hockey. Try to understand what it's like having Favre in purple. That is the ultimate Eff-you to Packer fans." There's a lot of rage in that e-mail. Even though Ryan wants to punch me in my face (and Randy Moss hasn't won a Super Bowl with the Pats), I actually felt some sympathy for him when I was done reading it. However, that won't stop me from posting this video, sent in by Mike, of Madison, Wis., and this video, sent in by Jake Knadle, ofSt. Paul, Minn. But I do have some good news for Ryan and other people in the Minnesota area. Busted Coverage is giving away two tickets to Monday's Packers-Vikings game. Now, because I lied and made you sit through more Favre talk, I will make it up to you with this info. At 11 p.m. ET tonight, Spike TV is airing The Search for the Ultimate SPIKE Girl Finale. Here are the competitors. Stacy Keibler is the host. Hot Clicks is pulling for Kirstina Colonna.
Here's A Tip

TotalProSports.com has come up with video of Joe Mauer signaling Justin Verlander's pitches to Jason Kubel. Personally, I don't think this is cheating. I think it's part of baseball. But no matter which side of the argument you fall on, it's pretty cool to see how it's done.

Best Shirt Ever?

Every San Francisco 49ers fan should own one of these. (Thanks to Phil Danish, of Santa Monica, Calif., for the link.)

Quiz Time
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

How well do you know sports-movie coaches? Find out with this 25-question quiz.

"Come On, Knock It Off, Will Ya"
Random Links

Chandler, of Chestnut Hill, Mass., sends us this funny college football name. ... In the latest edition of MLB rookie hazing photos, Hot Clicks presents the Houston Astros. ... A time-lapse look at how scoring front-row tickets to an MLB game sometimes doesn't go as planned.

Friday Night Lights Follow-Up

Hot Clicks caught you up on some cast members yesterday, but there's more to cover. First, I'd like to thank the million of you (approximately) who sent me the FunnyOrDie.com breast-cancer awareness video featuring Minka Kelly and other TV actresses. I don't think it will get past the SI.com censors, so just head over to Funny Or Die after you read Hot Clicks to check it out. Also, I mentioned yesterday that readers said Jason Street (Scott Porter) was shown on TV during the Panthers-Cowboys Monday night game. Josh (a.k.a. @QuickTurtle on Twitter) came through with a screen grab. Lastly, I failed to provide an update on Adrianne Palicki yesterday. Grant Jessup, of Westfield, N.C., Lance, of Belton, Texas, and Brennan Carson, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, let me know that she's starring in Legion, a supernatural action thriller, due out in January.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Here's something to get you pumped up for the start of the NHL season. (Thanks to Tyler, of Pittsburgh, and Brad, of Sioux Falls, S.D., for the link.)
Surreal Video Of The Day
This is a 1984 PSA in which the Fonz and others educate kids on child molestation. Obviously, that's a serious topic and we'd never make light of it. But I can tell you that if you watch this video and listen to the song that starts at the 1:29 mark, you will think it's one of the greatest things you've ever seen. (Thanks to Tricia, of Madison, Wis., for the link.)
College Football Leap Video Of The Day
Broncos fans want to see this out of Knowshon Moreno. (Thanks to J, of Denver, for the link.)
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