July 01, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Kobe Bryant
KB24's summer of disappointment continues. Not only did he wet the bed during the Finals, but he dropped the ball in a possible freestyle battle with Shaq. You'd think a whole week would have given him enough time to come back at the Diesel with an Eminem-style response.
2 LeBron James
So apparently everyone was in Vegas last weekend, including the Team USA basketball team led by King James, who partied it up with his teammates and met Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. While Vegas wasn't named as one of James' favorite cities, he made it be known, that he loves New York and Brooklyn in particular, which is great news for Nets fans.
3 Victoria Beckham
Normally relationships that ended 13 years ago don't get a rise out of us but when said relationship involves Posh Spice getting rejected by Corey Haim, who hasn't turned down much of anything these days, we're intrigued. We can only wish Becks had a fling with Jami Gertz around the same time.
4 Anna Kournikova
On the topic of old relationships, apparently Anna Kournikova was married to Enrique Iglesias, but isn't anymore. That marriage was about as quick, quite and successful as Kournikova's tennis career.
5 Jessica Simpson/Pamela Anderson
Forget about the Shaq/Kobe feud, the celebrity grudge that we'd most like to see resolved in a wrestling match involves a couple of buxom blondes more known for their recent relationships than their quickly forgettable careers. Apparently Pam didn't like Jessica's fashion statement while she was out with Tony Romo and responded by calling her out. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
6 Chris Evert/Greg Norman
This would have been a hotter story about 30 years ago, but we're still big fans of this newlywed power couple that will give Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf a run for their money in the mixed doubles circuit. Well, at least if they included a golf component
7 Manny Ramirez
We're all for "Manny Being Manny," but when that starts to entail pushing traveling secretaries to the ground for failing to get 16 tickets the day of the game maybe it's time for Manny to simply try being a Man.
8 Floyd Landis
Please Floyd, it's time to move on. We haven't seen someone take a loss this bad since Vanilla Ice on the Surreal Life. We just wish Ron Jeremy was somehow involved in Landis' saga to keep us somewhat interested.
9 Tony Parker
We chatted with Parker last week after he was named as the first European born player to grace the cover of NBA Live '09. He said he was going to celebrate the occasion and his one-year anniversary to Eva Longoria with a two-week vacation to the South of France. "I have to make wifey happy," he said.
10 Baron Davis
We told you last month that "Boom Dizzle" would opt out of his contract and try to sign with New York or Los Angeles this off-season. Well, Davis opted out of his contract and now we're predicting he'll sign with the Clippers this off-season where he'll be dishing assists and making movies with Elton Brand.

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