December 21, 2012
Did You See That?
Streaker :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

'Did You See That?' gallery.
In Case You Were Wondering About Kris Humphries
mock urinating into an empty bottle of tequila Kanye West
Deep Thoughts With Kendrick Perkins
ponder life's many questions follow Perkins here follow me at the SI Vault.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Megan Fox :: Michael Tran/Getty Images

Megan Fox The least I can do is make her Lovely Lady of the Day.
Armless Ping Pong Whiz
The headline says it all.
Random Items
trying to resell BCS Championship tickets joined the growing list Derek Jeter is a good guy 50 hottest women of 2012.
New York Jets Video Of The Day

NHL Lockout Video Of The Day
10 best lockout songs and parodies, Mama Said Lock You Out.

Senior Citizen Video Of The Day

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