July 21, 2010
Thank You, Los Angeles Dodgers
Kristin Cavallari :: John Shearer/Getty Images

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The Dodgers invited The Hills star, Kristin Cavallari, to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before their game against the Giants last night. I'm thanking the organization because I now have an excuse to post the picture above (and a few more) from a movie premiere the night before.
Speaking Of The Dodgers...
You need to check out what happened in the ninth inning of the L.A.-S.F. game. Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly was filling in for Joe Torre, who was earlier ejected. Mattingly went out to the mound to talk to closer Jonathan Broxton. While leaving the mound, Mattingly turned around and walked back to the mound to answer a question from first baseman James Loney. Giants manager Bruce Bochy had a fit, saying that was two visits to the mound. The umpires agreed and Broxton had to leave the game. While Bochy was technically right, I still say it's a bush league move. Anyway, watch the scene unfold, and more importantly, listen to Vin Scully work his magic as he flawlessly explains and details everything that's on.
One More MLB Highlight
Actually, this would be a lowlight. Apparently, Rays outfielder Carl Crawford does not wear a cup. That became a serious problem last night.
Cardinal Klutz's
Yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks told you about Cardinals third baseman David Freese dropping a weight on his toe, while already on the DL. This prompted Joe Sports Fan to look at the history of freakish injuries to St. Louis players. The list is pretty surreal.
Random Links
Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson will be a contestant on the next installment of Survivor. ... Via my SI.com colleague, Bryan Graham (who you should follow on Twitter) comes this video of Theirry Henry being interviewed on Fox's local New York affiliate on Monday. To say the hosts were unprepared would be quite an understatement. ... A lot of you wrote in to complain that I didn't feature Jennie Finch yesterday after she announced her retirement from softball. I only omitted her because she was just in Hot Clicks last week. Here is a tribute to her.
Sports Video Of The Day: No. 1
Minnesota Wild prospect Jarod Palmer may have invented a new trick shot at a scrimmage over the weekend.

Brick Stacking Video Of The Day
This might be the single, most amazing video (from Haiti's reconstruction) that's ever been in Hot Clicks. (Thanks to Roy, of Brainerd, Minn., for the link.)

UPDATE, 12:02 p.m.: I've been had. This is an old video and it's not from Haiti. Still amazing, nonetheless.

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