October 26, 2010
After Getting Carved Up, Cutler Carves
Kristin Cavallari :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Since I like Kristin Cavallari, I want to give her some advice. When you're dating a quarterback who is having a bad season and he's coming off a game in which he threw four interceptions, you don't want to Tweet out photos of the pumpkins you guys just carved. Why? Because things like this end up happening.
He Knew This Was Coming, Right?
Remember Paul, the psychic octopus who correctly predicted all those World Cup games over the summer? He died this morning.
Another Reason To Root Against The Heat
A Miami bar thinks the Heat are going to go undefeated this season, so they're offering to pay everyone's tab the first time the team loses.
The Broken Clavicle Heard 'Round The World
Tony Romo :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
As of this writing, "Clavicle" is No. 2 on Google Trends and "Clavicle fracture" is No. 3. In case you missed it, here's how Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered that broken left clavicle. And here's a photographic look at how people inside Cowboys Stadium reacted to the injury.
The Life Of An Athlete
Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin recently made out with two women while being interviewed by GQ.
Giveaway Of The Day
Courtesy Image Entertainment, Inc
I have three Blu-Ray copies of Los Angeles Lakers: 2010 NBA Finals Series: Collector's Edition to giveaway. The first three people to e-mail me (Jimmy_Traina@simail.com) the answer to this question will get them: Who are the seven celebrities who have participated in the Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest?

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m. ET: DVDs are gone. There will be another giveaway this week, and it's a good one.

Commercial Of The Day
The LeBron James Image Reclamation Project is under way with this new Nike commercial.

Celebration Video Of The Day
This is quite a step up from cell phones and Sharpies. (Thanks to P-Max, of Beaucaire, France, for the video.)

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