March 29, 2010
This Is Why You Gotta Love The Internet
LeBron James :: Layne Murdoch/Getty Images

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It's always fun to discover a new Web site that's unique and creative. This is the case with The person behind the site, whose tagline is "What Would You Do To Keep LeBron James In Cleveland," has posted a list of 23 things he'll do to in order to convince LeBron to resign with the Cavs. First up on the list was waxing his chest.
Only 19 Ejections?
Check out the details and video on this lengthy and epic fight from a recent Southern Professional Hockey League game.
Not To Be Outdone...
There was quite a fight at Saturday's Boston Blazers-Philadelphia Wings National Lacrosse League game. This one gets bonus points, however, for the cool background music that played during the brouhaha.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Kristin Gustafson :: Courtesy of
I had a request on the Hot Clicks Facebook Fan Page for Maxim's 2009 "Hometown Hottie" winner, Kristin Gustafson, to be named the LLOD. After doing some research, I figured this was a good idea.
Move Over, Mark Cuban
Based on the profile done by 60 Minutes last night, there's a new "most eccentric NBA owner" in town, and it's the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who recently bought the Nets.
He Really Does It All
Tim Tebow's latest piece of do-gooding? Helping a guy propose to his girlfriend.
Sports Video Of The Day
How many times a game does Steve Nash high-five someone?

Groin Shot Video Of The Day
According to the YouTube description, the football in this clip is thrown by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Banned Commercial Of The Day
Those of you who work from home should pay close attention to this.

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