April 21, 2010
Kings' Queens
L.A. Kings Ice Girls :: Icon SMI

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I've gotten a handful of e-mails over the past few days asking for more NHL playoff coverage. The best I can do for you today is this gallery of the L.A. Kings Ice Girls.
Potty Mouths
It's kind of funny how Charles Barkley can say whatever he wants on TV and nobody says a word about it. Last night, he called his colleagues a--holes on the air. (Thanks to Adrian Puyolt, of Los Angeles, for the tip.) Not to be outdone, however, is ESPN NBA analyst Lawrence Frank, who dropped an f-bomb and an s-bomb on live TV this morning.
Bad Blood
With things being awfully testy in the Celtics-Heat series, SBNation.com takes a look at some of the most epic feuds in NBA history.
Nate Nailed
Nate McLouth :: AP
Yahoo's Big League Stew tips us off to this solid practical joke from last night's Phillies-Braves game. Outfielder Nate McLouth hit a game-winning home run in the 10th inning, but there was no bunny hop at home plate, no mob scene when McLouth crossed home, nothing. If you watch the video, you'll see the players scurrying into the dugout at the 10-second mark as McLouth hits first base.
Nicely Done
Check out how Fordham's Brian Kownacki beat the tag at home plate against Iona last night.
Remember This, Jets Fans
It's kinda funny to read these old quotes by Jason Taylor, who signed with the Jets yesterday.
Sports Video Of The Day
One thing that always makes a day more enjoyable: A new video featuring the work of Florida Panthers play-by-play man Randy Moller, who incorporates pop culture references into his calls.

Parking Video Of The Day
It's always nice when someone gets what they deserve. (Thanks to Josh Chinn, of Bellevue, Wash., for the link.)

Kim Kardashian Video Of The Day
This morning show host in Australia is a lucky gal.

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