May 13, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Oh La La
La La Vasquez
La La Vazquez :: Marlena Bielinska/SI

Things are getting very ugly in the NBA, and I'm not talking about the Lakers' 40-point win over the Rockets last night, or Dwight Howard ripping Stan Van Gundy. Or the fact that Glen "Big Baby" Davis buckled under unfair pressure and apologized for doing nothing wrong just to appease a delusional fan. I'm talking about much uglier and more serious incidents. Mark Cuban taunted Kenyon Martin's mother. Martin responded by using a homophobic slur. And now video has emerged of La La Vazquez, Carmelo Anthony's fiancee and a one-time SI Swimsuit model, getting into a confrontation that led to her ejection from Monday night's Nuggets-Mavs game. Vazquez claims fans were taunting her with racial insults, while the Dallas fans insist Vazquez started the whole thing.

More Separated At Births

You guys seem to love look-alikes, so here's an NBA playoff edition that includes Pee Wee Herman, Sloth, Sanjaya and the Sham Wow guy, just to name a few. And here's one that features NBA playoff coaches.

They're Glowing

I received several e-mails yesterday about Barry Melrose's face being orange. Apparently, you guys were on to something because Joe Sports Fan has put together a piece on Great Moments in Orange Skin History.

The Chase For 56
Ryan Zimmerman
Ryan Zimmerman :: Doug Benc/Getty Images
According to a bunch of numbers I'm not smart enough to figure out, the odds of Ryan Zimmerman, who has hit in 30 straight games, extending his streak to 56 games are 0.09 percent.
Mistaken Identities

Home Run Derby looks back at some of the most memorable cases of the wrong player being on the wrong baseball card.

Fight Club

The Red Wings and Ducks engaged in a little brawl AFTER last night's game. It was good, but probably not good enough to make this list of the Top 10 Playoff Fights.

Random Links has been counting down the Hot 100 of 2009, and it just revealed its top 10. ... has compiled 10 Awesomely Chauvinistic Vintage Beer Ads. ... Lost wraps up its season tonight so the Blog of Hilarity lists seven real-life women you'd need to survive on the Lost island, while this video gives you a taste of what to expect this evening. ... The Lingerie Football League is still going strong.

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Sports Video Of The Day

This clip has it all. Very impressive soccer goal, over-the-top call by the announcer and teammates pretty much assaulting the guy who scored. (Thanks to Markus Nachtigall, of Porto Alegre, Brazil, for the link.)

Karaoke Video Of The Day

Chris Cooley, Brad Penny and Chuck Liddell recently joined Steel Panther on stage for a little Don't Stop Believin'.

Another Don't Stop Believin' Video Of The Day

As Cooley, Penny and Liddell demonstrated, once a certain hour of the night hits and a few adult beverages have been ingested, something unexplainable happens and I, um, I mean, many people, just can't resist the urge to belt out the Journey classic. But oftentimes people don't even sing the words, and the result ends up being ... well, the video below will show you.

Bad Commercial Of The Day

You MUST wait until the 30-second mark to hear what this furniture store is offering you for free. (Thanks to Ron, of Peoria, Ill., for the link.)

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