April 29, 2010
Celebrating Canadiens
Laura Vandervoort :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

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One of the most requested women for the P.M. Hot Clicks staple, Lovely Lady of the Day, is V actress Laura Vandervoort. She was already given the honor in early December, but she gets top billing today because of one of my Twitter followers asked that she be featured in honor of the No. 8-seed Canadiens pulling off a stunning upset last night against the No. 1-seed Capitals, after being down 3-1 in the series. I really should feature the Capitals Red Rockers as a way to cheer up Washington fans, but, quite frankly, its Web site doesn't have enough photos. Meanwhile, here's how the Capitals will try to avoid having another collapse in the future.
Speaking Of The Capitals...
Tyler, of Ashburn, Va., says, "Jimmy, love Hot Clicks, man! In the April 16th A.M. edition you had a YouTube video titled "Angry Caps Fan." The guy in the video is a diehard fan who had been a season ticket holder for years and led the goalie-taunting cheers. I put it that way because I found out last night prior to Game 7 that he had his tickets revoked and account cancelled because of his actions. I am a season-ticket holder in the next section over. Some of the people around my wife and I who are good friends with him said he had asked the cameraman to get the camera off him in a somewhat nicer way a few times before his "tirade." I blame TSN. How did Matt and Trey put it? "Blame Canada"?! Anyway, I started a group to help Tom get his tickets back."
Looks Like A Brees
Is there anything Drew Brees can't do these days? Check out the Super Bowl winner and Madden 11 cover man hitting home runs from both sides of the plate in a recent charity softball game.
Bad News, Bango
Seattle Sasquatch : YouTube
Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks featured video of Bucks mascot Bango dunking a ball after doing a backwards flip off a 16-foot ladder. The video went viral and has nearly three million views on YouTube. Now, I don't want to rain on Bango's parade, but Jeremy Elliott, of San Francisco, sends in this video of the old Seattle Supersonics mascot, Sasquatch, doing the same stunt, but off of a 20-foot ladder. Advantage, Sasquatch!
Bill Is A Barrel Of Laughs
Bill Belichick doesn't give off the vibe that he is a jokster, but he came through Wednesday by sending Rays manager Joe Maddon a hooded sweatshirt. You may remember that Major League Baseball wanted to crack down on Maddon and his hoodie before changing its mind.
Get Well, Ueck
Brewers announcer Bob Uecker will undergo heart surgery Friday morning. We wish the man who generated many laughs in Major League and the underrated Mr. Belvedere good luck and pay tribute to him with this gallery.
Sports Video Of The Day
I'm amazed by how much people seem to care about JaMarcus Russell's future now that the Raiders traded for Jason Campbell. Russell is an awful quarterback who will never be good, yet everyone seems caught up in whether the Raiders will cut him and where he could possibly land. Who cares? He's a complete non-factor. Anyway, here's a five-minute video of Russell getting sacked, fumbling, throwing interceptions and putting forth questionable effort. (Thanks to Gabriel Montoya, of Bosque Farms, N.M., for the link.)

Absurd Product/Commercial Of The Day
This is NOT a Saturday Night Live skit. I actually called the 800 number to make sure it was real. (Thanks to John Schoonejongen, of New Jersey, for the link.)

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