October 26, 2010
Tuesday, October 26
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Celts fans hostile, but LeBron undaunted

LeBron and Co., or Wade and Co., depending on your perspective, will open the season in Boston, where one might wonder if King James is protesting too much regarding an intimidation factor. "Some arenas believe and love basketball more than others. Sometimes, more history adds more intimidation. Not saying it's an intimidation factor for me. It's never been an intimidation factor for me. But as far as the crowd and as far as the team, Boston is one of those hostile environments to play. (Boston Herald) Comment

Swisher on chopping block; Werth in play for Yanks?:

Coming off a winter he admitted wasn't great in terms of the moves he made, Brian Cashman will look to improve the roster, and speculation naturally turns to expensive additions such as Jayson Werth. Werth, 31, might come into play if the Yankees decide to trade Nick Swisher after his second consecutive below-average postseason. Werth would provide a right-handed power bat to a lineup that needs one. The downside is he's struck out 303 times in the last two seasons and his price tag will be high. (The Record) Comment

Vikes consider sitting Favre for second-half run?

Brett Favre will be stealing headlines all season, though some believe it should be for taking a seat, at least for the present. Favre ranks 30th in passer rating, behind a Lions backup and two Raiders, and just ahead of Derek Anderson and two Panthers. ... Keeping him out of the lineup will enable him to heal and prepare for the second half of the season, when the Vikings could still emerge as the most dangerous and talented team in the NFC. Keeping him out of the lineup could enable [Brad] Childress, who appears to dislike Favre every bit as much as Favre dislikes him, to regain some measure of control over the offense. (Boston Herald) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

The Bushrangers' Andrew McDonald (right) gets outmatched by a Tasmanian Tigers competitor at Melbourne Cricket Grounds in Australia. (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Must-See Video

Charles Barkley visited the Late Show With David Letterman and tackled his recent weight loss, LeBron James' move to Miami and Brett Favre's scandal.

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: Steve Carlton
  • 1982 -- Steve Carlton became first pitcher to win 4 Cy Young awards in his career.
  • 1980 -- The St. Louis Cardinals managed to sack Baltimore Colt quarterbacks a record tying 12 times.
  • 1960 -- The AL gives the green light o the Washington Senator's move to become the Minnesota Twins; franchises in LA and Washington D.C. were also announced.

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