December 06, 2010
Missing: Lee Corso's Head
Lee Corso :: Getty Images

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With Cam Newton's Heisman all but wrapped up and the nation's two best teams (Oregon and Auburn) set to play in the BCS Championship Game, it appeared that college football was devoid of controversy. That is, until someone stole Lee Corso's head. No, not the real Corso, but the mascot version. Erin Andrews sent this tweet alerting everyone that the head was missing and Busted Coverage is on top of the investigation. Stay tuned to this very important story.
The Gus Johnson of Hockey
It's hard to find a more excitable play-by-play voice than Gus Johnson's, but if hockey is looking for an announcer who can draw in casual fans, I recommend the Bruins' Jack Edwards. Check out this call and tell me he doesn't have a little bit of Gus in him.
Grandma of the Year
I can't say enough good things about this grandma dancing at the USC-UCLA tailgate. You just need to see her.
Lovely Lady of the Day
Nicole Scherzinger :: Getty Images
As her jersey indicates, Nicole Scherzinger is a Jets fan. Yet, her new show The Sing Off on NBC is scheduled to go head-to-head with the Patriots-Jets game. After you finish pondering that unfortunate development, check out these photos of Scherzinger, our Lovely Lady of the Day.
Bad Prediction of the Year
Remember when Chris Johnson predicted that he'd break Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record (2,105 yards) and possibly break 2,500 yards for the year? With three games left in the season, Johnson is at 1,026. For those keeping track at home, he'll need to average 334 yards over his final three games to break Dickerson's mark and 491 to top 2,500 yards.
Vault Photo of the Day
When I'm not filling in for Jimmy on Hot Clicks, I run the SI Vault and like to post funny photos of athletes and celebrities to the Vault Twitter feed. With Adrian Gonzalez on the move to Boston, I thought this old photo of the late Gary Coleman in a Padres uniform may cheer up despondent San Diego fans.
Random Links
The Fenway Park gingerbread house is making me hungry ... The best one-season TV wonders ... Drew Carey's favorite player on the Cavs is Drew Carey ... The top 100 sports photos of 2010.
8-Clap Video Of The Day
It wasn't all brawls for UCLA on Saturday. Check out all the people they got to do the 8-Clap.

Salsa Dog Video Of The Day
This continues to crack me up (thanks to for the link).

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