August 01, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Les Miles has Street Cred
Snoop and Les, proof that opposite attract. :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images : Chris Graythen/Getty Images

We're not sure what the bigger piece of news is here: that Les Miles actually goes to Baton Rouge's Rotary Club meetings, that he and Snoop Dogg are tight enough that Snoop showed up too, or that Miles knows how to rap (we use "knows how" lightly).

The Name Game

Until college football actually starts, we all have no choice but to focus on the rash of college football player arrests that have occurred this summer. But that can be fun, too! In that spirit, The College Football Guys have put together a little quiz. See if you can figure out which of these names represent DUI attorneys and which represent college football stadiums.

The Best Student Body

Florida may be the top party school in the land, but it only got an A on the list of the prettiest schools in the country, while 14 others earned an A+. Shameful.

College Co-Ed GameDay
If only Kirk Herbstreit were next to a lovely lady and not a stuffed razorback. :: AP

We've always known the folks at Next Round were innovative thinkers, which is why we weren't at all surprised to see their new approach to picking the ESPN College GameDay schedule: go to the site of the football matchup that will also have the "best assemblage of female talent" (read: the hottest chicks).

The Newest Pong Technology

The days of pulling your closet door off its hinges in order to find a suitably long beer pong table are over, folks. Many thanks to The Love of Beer for pointing out the latest and greatest drinking-game facilitator: the inflatable beer pong table. Now you can deflate and re-inflate anywhere, including the pool. Our main complaint: since the cups nestle into individual cup holes, opponents are less likely to lean into their cups, knock them over and destroy their chance at victory.

Recruiting 'Aint Cheap

People like to talk about the insane amount of money college coaches rake in, but no one seems to mention how much dough athletic departments dish out for recruiting. Almost half of the colleges doubled or tripled the amount of money they spent on recruiting in the last decade. That's alarming, but we confess it's nice to get a little more info on where our (many, many) tuition dollars have been going.

Bad Intel

Angry T's doing a little investigative journalism today and wants you to know that the Big Ten's background checks of officiating crews leave something to be desired.

The Valley's Team

The Love of Sports is kicking off its college football preview with the No. 25 team, Fresno State. While you may not care much about the Bulldogs' offensive schemes, you'll undoubtedly enjoy picking up precious pearls of wisdom about the green "V" on the back of the helmets, the cheerleading squad and the on-campus winery.

Pop Culture Nugget

Speaking of Snoop, a couple members of his entourage were busted for possession. Hope Les Miles stayed away from those shady characters.

Today In Hot Clicks
Amy Smart and Ali Larter :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hoosiers among best high school movies ever ... Oden continues to impress ... Nash, Davis trailer ... Worst Philly unis ... Reasons to hate the Pats ... Video: Soccer stunt ... Must-hear horse racing call.

Odds and Ends

How does this list of the 10 most hated college football programs in the country compare to your own? ... Maybe things aren't so different from one level of college football to another after all ... How the Web is impacting college recruiting ... College-educated men commit more property crimes.

Behind the Signage

An amusing and an oddly-disturbing insight into our consumer culture.

The Crossword Inkers

In case the one nagging question in your life is how a mess of random clues becomes a perfectly formed puzzle...

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