April 13, 2009
Monday, April 13
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Truth & Rumors
The Lions may pass on the No. 1 pick
An interesting concept was floated in the Detroit media last week proposing that the Lions could pass when they are on the clock and then jump back in later and take Stafford or another player a little further down to save money. That would be within the rules, although a huge embarrassment to the NFL. Can you imagine all the buildup to the draft and the Lions pass? But it would save money. (New York Daily News)
Inside Red Sox-Angels feud
In the first inning, with Bobby Abreu at the plate awaiting a pitch, plate umpire Paul Schrieber called time. But Josh Beckett was in his windup, his arm back to release the pitch. It got released all right, the ball missing Abreu's face by inches, which didn't sit well with Abreu. The right fielder began arguing with the umpire, and Beckett began yapping at him from the mound, finally walking slowly toward home plate. Both players were held back and the tensions seemed about to dissipate. Until, that is, the Angels' Justin Speier and Torii Hunter went crazy, both having to be restrained by teammate Howie Kendrick. That was it for Hunter and Speier, who were tossed. But that was not it for the complaints, with Angels manager Mike Scioscia, who had jawed with Beckett, getting ejected from the dugout by third base umpire Ed Rapuano, before returning to the field to throw a few complaints the way of second base umpire Joe West. Mickey Hatcher, the Angels' hitting coach, also was thrown out. "Did he throw it up and in? Yeah," said crew chief West. "Do we believe he threw it at Abreu? No."(Boston Globe)
Scout: Tar Heels aren't lottery picks
One NBA scout doesn't think any of NCAA champion North Carolina's three stars - guard Ty Lawson, forward Tyler Hansbrough, and guard Wayne Ellington - would be lottery picks this year. He believes Lawson would go in the late teens, Hansbrough would be a late first-rounder at best, and Ellington would be a second-rounder. "Ty has grown on me," the scout said. "I wasn't a big fan when he initially came out last year. It was a good decision to go back to school. He's the best prospect. But at the end of the day, the three [underclassman] big boys - Deon Thompson, Ed Davis, and Tyler Zeller - may be better as pros than Lawson, Hansbrough, and Ellington. With Hansbrough, energy and effort only get you so far in our league. You can count on one hand how many guys get by on that. I'm not a fan. You've got to respect the numbers he put up. Unbelievable college career. But all that stuff doesn't translate over. He's not explosive; undersized, short arms, and limited offensively. He's an OK athlete." (Boston Globe)
Must-See Photo
Hey there: En route to his 55 point-game, Dwayne Wade takes a stop at the scorer's table. (AP)
Must-See Video
Tiger Woods may have lost on Sunday -- but remember this shot?
Game To Watch
Bulls vs. Pistons, 7:30 PM ET -- Winners of four straight, Chicago faces Richard Hamilton and the Pacers in a battle to avoid a first-round matchup with Cleveland.
Chicago Bulls
Detroit Pistons
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Masters Tournament
1972 -- The first baseball strike ends after 13 days.
1976 -- Cleveland Cavaliers lose franchise's first-ever playoff game, 100-95, to Washington.
1986 -- Jack Nicklaus wins the 50th Masters Golf championship, shooting a 279.
1997 -- Pittsburgh Penguin legend Mario Lemieux plays his last NHL regular season game.

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