June 20, 2008
The Links
Nine Facial Expressions, LSU Style

Like this picture of LSU's dance team? Wait for the close-ups. :: Bob Rosato/SI
Yesterday's CWS game between LSU and UNC was suspended due to rain. LSU faces elimination when the game resumes tonight, but that hasn't lessened the excitement of the ladies of Baton Rouge. Proof: Busted Coverage's Facial Expressions series resumes with nine highly amusing facial shots of LSU's dance team.
Five More Years of the Fighting Irish
NBC tacked on a five-year extension to its TV deal with Notre Dame football, so fans all over can keep complaining about the Irish and their special circumstances until 2015. But the Bleacher Report thinks there's something else to complain about: NBC's short-term advertising approach.
Kicking it with Super Models
Emmanuel Negedu announced his commitment to Tennessee from Marisa Miller's house. Lucky dude.
Perrilloux Fight Video
In this digital age, there's always a chance that someone or something is recording our actions, and those actions will be broadcast to all of humanity shortly thereafter. This took awhile (blame the legal system), but the Baton Rouge Police Department has released surveillance tapes showing the Oct. 26 fight that got former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux and two others booted off the team.
Animated Gossip

Are Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester getting animated? :: Scott Gries/Getty Images
Prepare for high drama to enter your virtual life. Rumor has it a Gossip Girl video game is on the way for Nintendo Wii and DS.
These Kids Have Famous Families
In the mood for some celebrity stalking but can't find any actual celebrities? OTR tells you where eights kids of celebrities go to college so that you can stalk them instead.
Not a Good Ride Home
Washington State football player Xavier Hicks Jr. (yes, the same guy who poured rubbing alcohol into his teammate's contact lenses) got pulled over on the way home ... from jail.
(Not) Grounded for Life
SIOC's readers are a little old to get grounded, but just in case any of you are still under your parents' thumbs: a 12-year-old took her father to court for grounding her -- and won.
Pop Culture Nugget
Lil Wayne had the first million-unit album debut in three years.
Today in Hot Clicks
Artest covers Keys' tune ... Draft's best and worst ... Tips for surviving Tiger's absence ... Parade photos ... Cheesy Rock Ballads Quiz ... License plate fun ... Video: Soccer skills ... Car ad ... Crazy weatherman.
Odds and Ends
Would you rather party with VaTech or Purdue cheerleaders? ... A Binghamton University basketball player fled to Serbia after getting bailed out of jail ... an OU lineman is leaving the Sooners to join the Marines ... Seventeen high school girls made a pact to get pregnant and succeeded.
Videos of the Day
Kid Gets Kicked in the Face

Guess there's no rule in kickboxing about below-the-neck kicks only.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
Colbert: Long Live the Cookie

Stephen Colbert campaigns for the death of fruit and the eternal supremacy of the cookie.

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