September 25, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
"Single White Fan"
Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder : Mike Marsland/Getty Images
That is the name of Jason Spires' Web site. Who is Jason Spires, you ask? Here's part of the description on his site (full description is here): "I'm a single white fan seeking an NFL team to love. I have a fanatical relationship with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, and University of Alabama but have only been casually involved with the NFL. I'm looking to settle down and pick a team for a lifetime. Educate me, persuade me, and convince me as I try to choose the right team." Now comes the good part. Jason wrote a letter to all 32 teams asking them to state their case as to why he should be a fan of their team. So far, only the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions have written back to Jason. This is so outstanding, I'm thinking of trying it for Hot Clicks. There's a nice rotation of lovely ladies who are featured regularly in this space, whether it's Minka Kelly, Marisa Miller, Kim Kardashian, etc, etc. But in an effort to mix in some new faces, I'm thinking I should write letters to some of the more underrated women who have only been in Hot Clicks once or twice, such as Lucy Pinder (who was part of a soccer show on Sky Sports in Britain) to see what they can do to get featured more often.
Another Fan Story

While Jason Spires is trying to be a good fan, here's a story about a greedy one. Oakland A's outfielder, Matt Carson, a 28-year-old who signed as a minor-league free agent after last year, hit his first Major League home run Monday. The fan who caught the ball wants $10,000 for it.


On Wednesday, a Van Buren, N.Y., school teacher and Red Sox fan made a fourth-grader turn his New York Yankees CC Sabathia T-shirt inside out. (Thanks to Marty, of Syracuse, N.Y., for the link.)

I'm Not Making This Up

Via How long will Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian's marriage last?
Over 25 months +120
Under 25 months -160
* Marriage must take place by Sunday September 27th for wagers to have action. If they are still married on November 1st 2011, Over 25 months will be graded as the winner.

Is This A Strech?
Lane Kiffin, Seth Rogen
Lane Kiffin, Seth Rogen :: Getty Images

Reader Jason Shaw, of Raleigh N.C., e-mailed to say, "Not sure if you've mentioned it yet, but with all the Lane Kiffin news lately and me being a huge Seth Rogen fan, I can't help but notice the resemblance between them. Do you agree? If so, post a side by side." At first, I thought this was crazy, but if you can picture Rogen without the glasses and beard, I say there is a definitely a strong resemblance.

Uni Follow-Up

The hate mail rolled in yesterday after I mentioned that I liked Oregon's wacky uniforms. ("It looks like they grabbed some sweatpants from Slider in Top Gun and threw them on for the game, said Nate, of Chino Hills, Calif.) I stand by my bad taste. And I thank Brandon, of Portland, who sent in this link, where you can construct what combination the Ducks wear. In other breaking uniform news, check out what the Jacksonville Jaguars have planned for Sunday.

Speaking Of The Jaguars...

Let's check in with our favorite cheerleader, Jacksonville's Kelli.

He's A Perfect Fit

Jeff Steinman, of Kitchener, Ontario, says we need to check out the name of this Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) player.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Continuing on this week's theme of great college football leaps, many of you wrote in about LaVar Arrington going airborne. It's pretty awesome, but the clip is only three seconds, so Hot Clicks is giving you this touchdown run by former Rutgers star, current Bengal and prominent Hard Knocks figure, Brian Leonard. (Thanks to Mark, of Bound Brook, N.J., for the link.)
Commercial Of The Day
Yesterday, Hot Clicks told you about a Ric Flair scratch-off game being sold in North Carolina. Keith Taber, of Philadelphia, has come through with the commercial.
Fed Up Customer Video Of The Day
This man has had enough of the great life dilemma: Hot Dogs come 10 to a pack, Hot Dog Buns come 8 to a pack.
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