May 08, 2012
This. Is. Un. Be. Lievable.
Tony Parker :: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

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Look at Tony Parker's face. Look at it for a few seconds. Now click this link.
Perfect Placement
The Jazz season ended last night when they were swept by the Spurs in their first-round Western Conference series. One newspaper knew just where to put the game story.
"Stale Air"
Someone in the Texas Rangers dugout did something bad last night, and the broadcasters loved it.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Madalina Ghenea :: Venturelli/WireImage
Romanian model Madalina Ghenea, who used to date Leonardo DiCaprio, gets today's LLOD honors.
This Is Fun has put together a thoroughly detailed taxonomy of 482 professional baseball team names.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a soccer player busting out the moonwalk after getting excited by a referee's call.

Oklahoma City Thunder Beer Pong Video Of The Day
Shawn Clark, of Oklahoma City, says, "Longtime reader. A few months ago you featured a video from the site of the 'Chi Pledge Class Beer Pong Table.' Once I looked at the write-up on their site, the wheels in my head started turning. Long story short, I built my own variation, and gave you guys a shout-out for a special thanks. I also did a write up and stored it in Google Docs."

Lip Synching Video Of The Day
A million of you have e-mailed and tweeted me this video of the Harvard baseball team showing their love for Call Me Maybe, the walk-up song for Mets infielder Justin Turner.

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