July 01, 2011
Nothing But Mail
Holly Weber

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Since this is a holiday weekend and there's not much going on in the sports world, I thought we'd do something different today. Instead of the typical Hot Clicks format, I'm going to give you a glimpse into what my inbox looks like. I'm fortunate enough to get hundreds of submissions a day from loyal Hot Clicks readers. Some of it's great, some of it's weird, some of it is a mix of both. In any case, there are always tons of links that don't make Hot Clicks for one reason or another. Sometimes it's timing, sometimes it's space, sometimes it's because a link/email is inappropriate. I'm going to pull back the curtain and give you a taste of all those things and more in this edition. All the e-mails below are from the past two weeks. (Also, this will be the only edition of Hot Clicks today. We will have a fresh edition on Monday, July 4. For more links throughout the weekend, follow me on Twitter.)


Mike Powers, of Minneapolis: "Came across this great name in the 2012 basketball recruiting class."

John Spiggle, of Rochester, N.Y.: "I've been a subscriber to Esquire for years, so I love the fact that you've included some of their links as of late. I always have a few of the latest issues on the counter in my bathroom because that's where I do all of my research. Last night I was taking a leak, and saw this out of the corner of my eye. I had to send it to you. Thank you. Have a great 4th of July."

Scott K., of Cincinnati: "OK, so this is kind of weird. I guess this dude ONLY ate fries from the age of two on."

Cory Davis, of Columbus, Ohio: "I was looking for local food trucks and found this. Check out the t-shirts. Yes, they also serve food. Boom."

Aaron, of Champaign, Ill.: "The photo of the LLOD Nina Senicar on Hot Clicks is great! Not just because of her, but of Andy Garcia getting a great look at her backside. Well done, Andy. Well done!"


Andrew, of Ridgewood, N.J.: "Jimmy, this chick went to my high school and was a complete goddess circa '97. You can see why. I had one class with her and while I might have been a C student, my attendance was flawless. Anyway, I think she would make a great LLOD."

Blank, of Blank: "Hey, Jimmy, I've sent you one or two e-mails in the past, and knowing how much e-mail you must get, I really only try to send one of I have a unique or highly entertaining insight on something. But today I'm going where I've never gone before and hope never to go again. I'm submitting an entry for LLOD. This isn't normally my style, and I kind of feel like a perv for doing this, so please keep my name out of it. I'm only submitting her because I know you've never heard of her and I would love for her to get more exposure so that we can see more of her. (I do not know her personally.) So without further ado, I present to you Yesenia Bustillo."


Colby Freeman, of Moraga, Calif.: "Tragedy for a huge Oakland A's Fan/Sacramento RiverCats Fan. I have attached a link to an article about my friend Victor. This tragedy is true and his wife passed away. He is being flown to Miami as we speak as the medical care he was receiving in the Bahamas was insufficient and he has been bleeding internally for a few days. He does not have insurance and his family is not very well off. I just thought that you may be able to get the word out and get some donations to the fund listed in the article. I never do anything like this, but this is so tragic and hits so close to home with me. I have been playing fantasy baseball with this guy for a few years and have never met a bigger A's fan."

Charle, of Evanston, Ill.: "Dear Jimmy, I have been a longtime reader of your column. I started showing your stuff to my girlfriend (Kris) and it became a tradition to sit on the couch and click through every link possible each day. The reason I am writing is because I love her completely. I have always felt compassion and caring in your column, and in the things you share. I am coming to you because she has recently found out that the school she is attending will be raising admission this year, and she will have to go to school from 7 until 3 and then work from 4 until 10, and then find time in there somewhere to do homework. To be honest, I don't know what to expect from you. There are many people faced with the same adversity each day and most likely far worse. The thing that breaks my heart is that she will never accept handouts. I have offered to pay for some of her schooling, as it is so important to me that she finishes, yet she won't allow it to happen. I have sat with her and watched her heart break because she does not know what to do.

I am not asking for a handout of any sorts. I just have to know are there any connections that you have in the Memphis area to make her life any easier. I see these athletes with amazing hearts, these stories that fill my eyes with tears, and then I realize one of the most beautiful women, with a heart that only God himself can claim for it's majesty and beauty are endless. I want to help her, yet I have nothing to offer but my support. Even if you just send a message back acknowledging that these will be trying times it would mean a lot. I just would ask of you guys at Sports Illustrated to do anything you can, even if you just make a video and post it and say that you'll be thinking of her in the upcoming year, anything at all. I want to make t-shirts or something that say SAVE KRIS. I want to do anything I can. But I really don't have the slightest idea of how to start any of that stuff up. If you could do anything at all, it would truly mean the world. The love I have for this woman isn't often seen in this world. That may sound arrogant, but rarely do I believe the love that I have for her is captured and chronicled in this world. It will break me if I am not able to help her in some way. Please do not help me but help a girl with an amazing heart that sits and talks with the homeless on the street, a girl that smiles and stops time, a girl that deserves an education, not because she grew up in a family that would pay for it, but because she has worked towards this goal her whole life. Because she will be the first to graduate from college in her family, because she is a true American Woman that will not settle for anything less than the best that life will give her. I thank you so much for your time and consideration. I don't know what exactly I'm asking for. I truly do not believe that her schooling will be paid for, but words of encouragement from all the readers so that she has one each day to open, anything at all. Thank you, Jimmy, for bringing joy, tears, and sports to my heart, everything a man needs apart from the girl that I adore who sits right next to me watching these links and stories."


Peter F., of Paradise, Canada: "Hey, Jimmy, I love Hot Clicks, I check it twice a day, every day while I'm at work! I've never written in with an e-mail submission before because I've never had a good enough link or comment to pass on, but recently I've come across a great cause and figured I'd pass it along.A close family friend from my hometown had a baby last August that was born without a functioning trachea and she can't breathe on her own. They've finally been able to line up doctors in order to perform a surgery and insert a trachea implant, but they need to raise $50,000 in order to pay for the operation. I know you don't normally post stuff like this, but it's a great cause and I figured I'd give it a shot. Here is the link. Also, my suggestion for the LLOD would be Missy Peregrym! She's been in Stick It, Reaper and now Rookie Blue, and I think she dated Ben Roethlisberger for awhile. Anyways, keep up the great work Jimmy. I love Hot Clicks."


Eric, of Marshfield, Mass.: "Not sure what to say about this one, Jimmy. Is it disturbing or is Voelle one lucky lady? Personally, I would have just gotten flowers..."

Daniel Smith, of New York City: "All stripper jokes and innuendo aside, this is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. It's ridiculous!"

Khalil Lalani, of Dallas: "Three guys singing at the Backstreet Boys concert."

Roy Klerks, of Breda, The Netherlands: "Hi, Jimmy, I am a big fan of Hot Clicks. It gives me a moment of joy in a day filled with numbers and invoices. I live in the Netherlands and together with a friend of mine, Michel Terschegget, we are DIE HARD YANKEE FANS.... as die hard as it can get, living in the Netherlands where baseball is a really small sport. We both play baseball and currently there is a tournament going on in Rotterdam. Michel got interviewed by a local TV station there. I hope you can get this video on Hot Clicks somewhere. It would be awesome for two Yankee fans from the Netherlands!"


Tasha Nicole, who was featured in December: Hi, Jimmy. Ronnie Mund (the limo driver) has me up as his Hot Chick of the Week. Not sure if you and I could do something together again this week in your column and cross reference? Just a thought." (Here's Tasha's Twitter page if you want to follow her.)

Holly Weber, featured on June 16: "Hi, Jimmy. I received an unusually large amount of fan e-mail and messages in the last hour after you posted a photo of me on your SI.com Hot Click feature. The exposure is much appreciated. Especially since (as an actress) I don't have the print representation it takes to be considered for your Swimsuit issue. I still photograph twice a year (once for a bikini calendar and once with lingerie for publicity purposes), so any time you wish to use the most recent photos available (many haven't been printed or posted) please feel free to contact me as I own full rights to everything I've shot over the past 4 years. I've attached photos from my 2011 calendar and hope you can see the influence Sports Illustrated has had me. Thank you again." ( Here's Holly's Twitter page if you want to follow her.)


Rob Johnson, of North Little Rock, Ark.: "I find very little humor in the clip with David Spade. Way to trivialize a serious problem."

Ted, of Rochester, N.Y.: Hey, Jimmy, huge fan of Hot Clicks, but I have a request. Can you please never again feature a close up photo of man feet? Thank you in advance."

Steve, of Detroit: "Please stop posting people's videos that they send of themselves that they think are funny that aren't. That is what YouTube is for, not CNNSI."

Fakity McFakerson (trainalikesfakevideos@suckmydong.net), of Fakeville: "Quit submitting fake videos. I don't read your mediocre posts to watch blatantly fake videos."


Wally, of Canada: "Jimmy, ya really dropped the ball on this one. You just completed your July 1 Hot Clicks, and failed a single mention of it being Canada Day. I know Monday's Hot Clicks will be filled with patriotic videos and speeches. Let's just get a little shout out for all the loving Canucks who read the pages, Jimmy. PS, Jeter stinks."

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