April 07, 2010
Riveting Returns
Mallory Snyder :: SI

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As Tiger Woods makes his return to the golf course after getting busted for sexing it up, Bleacher Report looks at the 50 most compelling comebacks in sports history. Personally, it's my dream that this list could one day include underrated model Mallory Snyder for returning to the SI Swimsuit Issue after not appearing in it since 2006.
Speaking Of Tiger...
If you're going to the Masters, get your Tiger Woods catcalls ready. ... Tiger didn't do himself any favors by allowing photographers to get this shot of him yesterday. ... Security in Augusta is on the prowl for strippers.
More Moments
Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured a reworked One Shining Moment that includes Luther Vandross. Here is another via the Sporting Blog. And here's a version via Matthew Eisenberg, of Laguna Hills, Calif., that includes Vandross and Gus Johnson.
A Festival Of Fleece
Angels Snuggies :: AP
Last month, the Cleveland Cavaliers set the world record for most worn Snuggies in one place. Last night, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim broke the record.
Big Papi's Big Tirade
David Ortiz got very testy last night when asked about his 0-for-7 start to the season.
So True About Idol
What do American Idol, being Tiger's publicist and Saturday-morning television have in common? They're all on this list of things that used to be good but now suck.
Sports Video Of The Day
Not only did the Florida Panthers' Keith Ballard score an own goal last night, but he did so by throwing the puck into the net. Another highlight comes at the 1:02 mark, when Ballard asks "Off me?" and follows it up with, "F--- me."

Music Video Of The Day
Here is this year's version of Susan Boyle. And while I know I'm supposed to appreciate this kid's voice, all I can think about when watching this is, "God, I HATE this song."

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