December 08, 2009
The City Of Lost Wages Strikes
Roulette :: Robert Mora/Getty Images


Meet Terrance Watanabe, a man who lost $127 million in Las Vegas.
Speaking Of Gambling...
I wanted to mention this yesterday, but didn't get a chance. If you did not see the Tim Donaghy interview that aired on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, read the report and/or watch the video now. David Stern should send Tiger Woods a gift because I don't understand why this isn't a much bigger story. Donaghy's gambling isn't even the most damning part of the interview. It's this quote: "I knew that there were certain relationships that existed between referees and players, referees and coaches, and referees and owners that influence the point spreads in games." Um, that's a problem.
End Of An Era
At 3:02 p.m., ESPN sent a press release announing that Peter Gammons is leaving the network. The statement said, "Peter Gammons has decided to pursue new endeavors and will no longer be a contributor to ESPN after this week's winter meetings."
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Rachel Bilson:: Amy Sussman/Getty Images
Marc, of Cincinnati, says, "Jimmy, I know you're a big fan of How I Met Your Mother. I just read that after the new year, Rachel Bilson is joining the show. This seems like a layup to make her your Lovely Lady of the Day." Yes, yes, it is.
Vince McMahon Would Be So Proud
The owner of the National Basketball Developmental League's Utah Flash, Brandt Andersen, pulled quite a stunt Monday night. He promoted a 1-on-1 game between Bryon Russell and Michael Jordan. The only problem was that Jordan never showed.
The End Is In Sight
Before the college football season began, Hot Clicks told you about a guy who planned to attend a game in a different city each week (and document each of his visits). His tour of 15 games in 15 weeks wraps up Saturday with the Army-Navy game.
Random Links
Check out what got Joakim Noah all flustered during an interview. ... Ray Rice throws a big diss at Green Bay and Lambeau Field. ... The Islanders' Brendan Witt was hit by a car today. But he's playing tonight.
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Sports Video Of The Day
The video I really wanted to use here is this compilation of the worst movie accents in history, but there is no way to embed it, so you have to click the link. But since James Van Der Beek made the cut for his tremendous delivery of "I don't want your life" in Varsity Blues, I figured why not throw that up.

Microphone Fail Video Of The Day
Milli Vanilli would be so proud.

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