May 15, 2009
By Andy Gray
One Way to Cheer up Beantown
Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos :: Getty Images, Courtesy of Stuff Magazine

Jimmy is out today and asked me to fill in, which is actually a good thing because he's not here to make fun of me. See, I'm a native Bostonian and last night was the worst sports night since Aaron Boone's moonshot nearly six years ago. In times like these, however, it's best to focus on the positive. So to the city of Boston, here are some random things to be happy about: The weather won't suck for another five months; Manny's steroid problems continue; The Jerry Springer Opera is in town; this awesome Bruins fan will be around longer than most of us; and the many babes who proudly hail from the Bay State. More specifically, Eliza Dushku, Connie Britton, Alicia Witt and the highly underrated Maria Menounos.

For Those Fans With Teams Not In The Playoffs

If you're an NBA fan watching the playoffs from the sidelines, there's always one thing to be hopeful for -- the draft. So here are mock drafts from The Hoops Doctor, and Draft Express. For NHL fans, well, nobody really cares that much about the draft, so here's a photo of hockey-loving Elisha Cuthbert, who will try to save the life of her father, Jack Bauer, on Monday night's season finale of 24.

Hot Celebs At Sporting Events

Any gallery with Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen can cheer up the most depressed sports fan. And that's just the first picture!

Graduation Klutzes
As another class of young adults leaves the cozy confines of college life and heads into the real world, we have one piece of advice: Don't trip and fall while getting your diploma or you'll get mocked.
Random Items We Liked

Billy Ray Cyrus has been booked to perform at a Florida Mullet Festival. ... Everyone's favorite mailman (Cliff Clavin) filed a restraining order against his 45-year-old ex-girlfriend because he's afraid of how she acts under the influence of country music. ... If you're an SNL fan, here is a chart showing which cast members are in the most skits. ... The Preakness seems like it used to be a lot of fun. ... Dennis Miller and Carrot Top make the list of the 10 most hated comedians ... Pregnant belly art is just plain weird.

Some More Quick Lists

Top 10 wrestling injuries that weren't fake. ... Ten movies that are guaranteed to bomb at the box office this summer. ... The 20 hottest women in sports. ... Baseball's 12 most lopsided trades of the 1990s.

Two New Links On Facebook

For a couple of items that didn't make it here, join the Hot Clicks Facebook group and follow Jimmy on Twitter.

Slump Busting Video Of The Day

Maybe this can help Big Papi get back on track.

Crazy Kayak Video Of The Day

If you're bored this summer and looking for something fun to do, may we suggest kayaking down a 186-foot waterfall? Or if you want to be safe, just watch this video.

Guitar Prodigy Meets His Idol Video Of The Day

After this 9-year-old rips through a killer version of Crazy Train, he is introduced to Ozzy Osbourne.

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