October 27, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
It's a Marisa Miller Monday
Marisa Miller :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

A while back we mentioned that the Brewers' Ryan Braun was teaming up with Marisa Miller to do an electric razor commercial. Well, the clip is out, and it's pretty surreal. First, the spot is 2-plus minutes, a little long for a commercial. Second, the acting, dialogue and double entendre's is on par with what you'd see in a porno (not that we'd know). Lastly, it ends with Braun shaving his head while rounding the bases. More important than all this, because you're probably down since it's Monday, we decided to give you a gallery of must-see Marisa Miller pictures. These don't include her SI Swimsuit shots, which can be found here.

Great Gaffes

On205th.com searched and searched through YouTube to find 15 great sportscasting bloopers. We guess Pam Oliver will be on these types of lists from now on.

Favre Family Follies

Brett Favre's wife has somehow totally missed the fact that the media has taken a dive for her husband throughout his career and actually complained recently that the media has been hard on her husband. After his pathetic performance yesterday, the media can't be hard enough on the reckless quarterback. And if Deanna thinks the media has been hard on Brett, then she definitely shouldn't't read PyleOfList.com.

World Series Links

A Phillies fan shows her team spirit by using bodypaint ... Joe Blanton explains his home run swing ... Are Jon Miller and Joe Morgan (doing the Series on radio) calling their last games together?

And The Winner Is...
Nintendo games

NEPatriotsDraft.com relies on the help of classic Nintendo games to hand out NFL midseason awards.

Must-Hear Call

All you married folks will appreciate the call of this horse race. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Random Links

In Game Now's "World's Hottest Athlete" contest keeps rolling along, with today's bracket featuring tough women ... Mike Singletary is our new favorite coach ... If you can stomach seeing Michael Phelps and Alex Rodriguez (and we can't), here's their new Guitar Hero commercial, which also features Kobe Bryant and Tony Hawk. And all four are in their underwear ...

More Stuff On Facebook

For a look at Megan Fox's best moments and some WWE Divas, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks
This year, Superman put his Tebow pajamas away and picked up a McCoy pair. :: AP : Sam Greenwood/Getty

What we learned this weekend ... Michigan pulls the "turn off the hot water" trick ... JoePa montage ... Texas Tech's Mankind ... Video: Nebraska wrestling match.

Sports Of The Day
Since we already mentioned broadcasting gaffes, it's gonna be hard for someone to top this gem from yesterday, in which a reporter asked Mike Singletary if he called Bill Walsh this week. (Thanks for Earl, of Bronx, N.Y. for the tip.)
Feel-Good Video Of The Day

Ken Mink is 73-years-old. He just made the Roane State Raiders squad.

Cheap Shot Video Of The Day
Steven Heitzman, of Lewiston, Idaho, says "Pocatello High School vs. Highland High School, Oct. 17, 2008 at Holt Arena (the football stadium of Idaho State University) HHS kicker (and quarterback who is receiving a full scholarship to play at Stanford) Taysom Hill gets laid out on the opening kickoff. Pocatello headhunted the kicker all game, with this being the best hit they could land.
Bizarre Commercial Of The Day
Tom Denk, of Cleveland, says "This makes the Snuggie seem like a sound investment right out of Consumer Reports. At best, this item is unsavory. Nonetheless, I'd like to go as one for my office Halloween party."
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