August 05, 2010
Marisa And Motorcycles
Marisa Miller ::

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The biggest motorcycle rally of the year takes place this weekend in Sturgis, S.D. Luckily, figured out a way to tie this in with Marisa Miller.
Please Vote
Just doing a little experiment here based on a few conversations I had yesterday.

Let's Play The Feud
Shaquille O'Neal wants to fight Jim Rome. Best part about this story? It gives me a reason to link to this infamous clip.
Trindon Holliday
Eric, of Seattle, says, "So Wednesday morning you have a nice piece about the 'root beer summit' showing how professional athletes can be good role models. But then you promote hazing with the carrying of gear and immature haircuts. How about you use your soapbox and do a little commentary on how professional athletes should not be hazing (firstly as it is illegal in many/most? jurisdictions), and, secondly, as it is a stupid idea to be advertising it to young athletes who don't understand the implications of hazing another person. Mike Leach got fired for it. How is any of the rest of this hazing any better?"

Folks, if you read Hot Clicks, I just ask one thing of you. Please have SOME common sense. The word "hazing" is very broad. Obviously, any sane human being would be against the type of hazing that involves dangerous behavior. But there is also lighthearted hazing, such as, carrying pads, giving weird haircuts and making a rookie ride around on a children's bicycle, as Texans wide receiver Trindon Holliday does in the picture above. (Thanks to Chris LaFosse, of Houston, for the pics.)

No Love From The Hometown
The New York Daily News didn't exactly celebrate Alex Rodriguez's 600th career home run today. On a side note, you should check out this bizarre moment from A-Rod's postgame press conference on Wednesday.
Ridiculous Story Of The Day
A fight broke out among several mothers at a kindergarten graduation in California last month. The reason for the animosity? Comments made on Facebook about the Los Angeles Lakers.
Sports Video Of The Day
I had this video linked in Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks -- it was not embedded -- so it doesn't seem like many of you saw it because my inbox was overstuffed with e-mails containing the link. So here is the catch by Hiroshima Carp (of Nippon Professional Baseball) outfielder Masato Akamatsu one more time.

Georgia Coeds Video Of The Day
JB Logan, of Watkinsville, Ga., says, "Jimmy, my audible groan was so loud on viewing that UGA orientation video you posted in Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks that people came into my office to check and see if I was OK. So I watched this to reaffirm what I know to be true."

Georgia Leap Video Of The Day
Tim, of Atlanta, says, "Jimmy, please don't do that to us Bulldog fans. Please redeem us. Here is Knowshon Moreno's jump. Help a brother out."

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