June 12, 2008
The Links
Movie Scripts vs. Textbooks

The Olsen twins have yet to complete their NYU educations. :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Apparently Shia Labeouf found the prospect of being the next Indiana Jones more exciting than the prospect of toiling away in Yale's libraries for four years. He and five others are on OTR's list of young stars who traded in their textbooks for movie and TV scripts.
UCLA Undie Run, Redux
Another day, another Undie Run. This time the kids from UCLA are back, and they're climbing trees.
Clinton Ditches UCLA
Speaking of UCLA, Bill Clinton had to pick between pissing off 4,000 graduates or 20,000 union members, and the students lost. Clinton has backed out of his commitment to speak at UCLA's upcoming commencement.
Bartending Certification not Required
If you're in the mood for an adult beverage this summer and are feeling ambitious, put the case of light beer aside and try concocting one of these nine essential summer drinks. Don't worry guys, these are "dude" drinks.
Five Wimpiest College Mascots

Is Otto the Orange a fierce mascot, or a wimp? :: US PRESSWIRE
Why rank the fiercest mascots when you can rank the wimpiest? We're saddened by the inclusion of Testudo the turtle (No. 4) and Otto the Orange (No. 2), the two mascots closest to our heart.
College Playmate
A 25-year-old Flagler College student will be Playboy's Miss July. Who knew a communications major and art history minor were the ticket to Bunny-dom?
"FN MTV" Explained
By now, we've all heard Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz will be hosting MTV's new show "FN MTV." But if you, like us, are still confused about what "FN MTV" is (A TV show? A Web cast? An excuse to show more of Wentz' and Ashlee Simpson's wedding pictures?) CO-ED magazine is here with all the details.
Fanboys Meet Gaming Mogul
The celebrated creator of the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise made a rare appearance in NYC last night to celebrate the series' final release.
Pop Culture Nugget
Madonna's estranged brother is writing a tell-all book.
Today in Hot Clicks
Sadly, Jason Kidd no longer with Hope Dworaczyk ... Tale of the Tape: Barack Vs. Rock ... Finals story ... Fun with Craigslist ... Pro gambler talks Donaghy ... Video: Gasol tribute ... Making popcorn ... Haircut.
Odds and Ends
New Mexico State needs to boost attendance or leave the WAC ... Are all of America's mid-major football teams at a crossroads? ... Texas' Hillary Clinton supporters can swap their Clinton signs for Obama signs ... The Joe Paterno "situation" isn't affecting Penn State recruits.
Videos of the Day
Beer Pong Slam Dunk

A beer pong slam dunk is inherently hilarious, but is 10-times funnier when the dunker is older than 50.

Man Smashes 40 Watermelons with Head

We hope the world record is worth the brain damage sure to ensure.

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