October 08, 2012
Wrapping Up The Weekend
Reggie Wayne :: McClatchy-Tribune

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Guyism.com has the 20 best GIFs from the weekend, while SportsPickle.com looks at what NFL.com should look like today.
Injury Of The Day
What does one do after having a ruptured testicle surgically removed? If you're Pro Rugby league player Paul Wood, who injured the sensitive body part during a match on Saturday, you make jokes about it on Twitter.
A few links that didn't make today's A.M. Hot Clicks. Eagles safety Kurt Coleman wanted no part of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown's shoe. ... A couple of Florida Gators had an interesting way of celebrating a big play. ... Clemson pulled off a very intricate trick play against Georgia Tech.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Johanna Lundback
Swedish model Johanna Lundback gets today's LLOD honors, one of the best ever in the history of this column.
This Doesn't Seem Professional
Two Maryland State Troopers, who were guarding the Yankees dugout during Game 1 of their series against the Orioles, asked Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher for autographs DURING THE GAME.
E-Mails Of The Day
Hot Clicks readers giveth ... and Hot Clicks readers taketh.
Sports Video Of The Day
Ohio State's marching band paid tribute to a slew of video games -- Tetris, Halo, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Zelda, to name a few -- at halftime of Saturday's game against Nebraska.

Proposal Video Of The Day
Aaron, of Ventuckey, Calif., says, "I usually don't go for all these cheesey engagement videos, honest I don't. No, really. Usually I'm like 'yah whatever you're married, congrats, now down in front, there's a game going on.' Maybe because it's Monday morning and my 17th cup of coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet, or maybe it's because I'm experiencing hyper-emotionalism in coping with the worst Red Sox season in my lifetime, or maybe I'm just inspired by Mila's bum this morning, I don't know. Regardless, if you haven't seen it already, you gotta check out this proposal. Give it a sec, it's like the Detroit Lions, a real slow starter. S---, errr, sorry, crap really 'takes off' (get it) around the 1:40 mark. The ending is full of all happy happy bubblegum and puppy dogs so you may want to turn your speakers down, unless, I don't know, you like being happy and all that jazz. Whatev'."

Honestly, the proposal below is pretty good, but the main reason I'm posting it is because I loved Aaron's e-mail.

Tearjerker Video Of The Day
I totally screwed up by not including this in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, but it still needs to be seen even though it's a little old by now. If you didn't catch what A's pitcher Pat Neshek did Saturday night, you need to check it out.

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