October 26, 2007
1 Donald Duck (Oregon)

There's little debate about who gets the No. 1 spot this month after Donald Duck laid a beatdown on Shasta, the mascot of the Houston Cougars. It turns out the guy inside the Cougar costume is walk-on wide receiver Matt Stolt, who saye he didn't retaliate because he didn't want to hurt the school's image. "That wasn't Matt Stolt fighting the Duck. It was Shasta," Stolt told The (Houston) Daily Cougar. "And Matt Stolt would kick the Duck's ass, straight up." Whatever helps you sleep, Matt.

2 Tusk (Arkansas)

Woo Pig Sooie! The love for the Razorbacks isn't on the field, where Darren McFadden's expected march to the Heisman has hit some snags, but way, way off it. Fans have been invited to vote on McFadden and backfield mate Felix Jones' Halloween costumes. My vote: Sonny and Cher. Who doesn't want to see one of these guys in drag?

3 Pistol Pete (Oklahoma State)

With a little tongue lashing reminiscent of an old Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live sketch (Ferrell's "I'm a division manager in charge of 49 people! I drive a Dodge Stratus!" skit comes to mind) Mike Gundy's rant brought his team the recognition it hasn't been able to achieve on the field. But hey, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

4 Brutus (Ohio State)

If ever there was a question as to how fanatical Ohio State fans are, take a peek at the final four contestants in the Biggest Little Buckeye contest. My vote goes to nine-year-old Caleb Wilson, who says his book is the 400-page Buckeye Encyclopedia by Jack Park. "I read it almost every night," he said. Also, OSU has ridden the wave of upsets like nobody else, rising to the No. 1 spot in every poll.

5 Baldwin (Boston College)

These are heady times in Beantown. The Red Sox are in the World Series, the Patriots are decimating the NFL and the Celtics actually have a team worth watching. If that wasn't enough, the Eagles are No. 2 in the country and have a Heisman candidate in "Matt Ice" Matt Ryan. Good stuff, but I'm still holding New Kids on the Block against you, Boston.

6 Mike (LSU)

It's estimated that Mike VI, the newest version of the Tigers' fabled mascot, could grow to 600-700 pounds by age five, making him the biggest Mike yet. For now, the Bayou has a guy who's already comfortable throwing his weight around in coach "Hi my name is Les and I have a gambling problem," Miles. The way he's been coaching, they may want to give this whole Mike thing a rest and change the mascot to Kenny Rogers. But so far, it's hard to argue with the results.

7 Albert (Florida)

The green one takes a dive as the gridiron Gators take a few hits on the field, though they will likely be on the rise again thanks to the play of quarterback Tim Tebow (where does he hide that cape?). If you're lookinga present for that hard-to-buy-for Gators fan, here's the perfect Albert-themed gift, a rubber ducky made in the mascot's image. Something tells me that's not the one Ernie was singing about.

8 Big Jay (Kansas)

Big Jay calls himself the "biggest and baddest mascot in the NCAA," while the female version, Baby Jay is "the cutest and friendliest mascot." Sounds like a match made in mascot heaven right? It was enough for ex-KU mascots Chris Veit and Jessica Virtue, who are getting married. I knew it got a little hot in those costumes, but this is taking it to a new level. That's also what Mark Mangino is doing with KU's football team, which leads the Big 12 North.

9 Rocky D. Bull (South Florida)

It's only fitting that after scaling the top-five of the AP Poll, USF should land on the most prestigious of lists. the Mascot Power Rankings. Rocky wilted a little under the lights is Piscataway and had to bear witness to one of the sickest stiff-arms we've seen this side of McFadden, but at least Rocky was there to witness it. South Florida also strongly considered the Chickens, Roosters and Camels as mascots before settling on the Bulls.

10 Vili (Hawaii)

The Warriors may have haka'd their way to the highest ranking in school history at No. 14 in the USA Today Coaches Poll, but all that dancing hasn't helped Heisman candidate Colt Brennan, who with 10 interceptions in six games already has nearly as many as his career high (13). But hey, Colt, it could be worse -- you're still undefeated - AND LIVING IN HAWAII!

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