September 07, 2007
1 Albert (Florida)

Who said it's not easy being green? The orange-shirted one's ride at the top continues until someone can knock him off the hill. Florida's high times continued with the enrollment of former USC tailback Emmanuel Moody and a show against Western Kentucky in the opener. It seems the only thing that can slow down the champs is lightning, which actually halted Saturday's game.

2 Tommy Trojan (USC)

The No. 1 team in the land in every poll imaginable, the Trojans won their 34th straight at home in taking the season opener against Idaho. Off the field, former Trojan and Heisman winner Reggie Bush appears along with uber pitchman Peyton Manning in a great NBC commercial, continuing a long line of USC products to appear on TV (a la Jefferson D'Arcy, Magnum P.I. and Opie). But one thing I can't figure out, is this Oscar-winning alum Brian Grazer doubling as Giuseppe Franco in this bizarre commercial with Gary Busey?

3 Mike VI (LSU)

He hasn't actually been dubbed "Mike" quite yet, but Roscoe, the two-year-old Bengal tiger LSU acquired to replace the late Mike V, is already living the high life in the school's $2 million tiger habitat next to the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. The costume version of Mike gives the moniker some added beef in the lineup, starring alongside Shaquille O'Neal in a SportsCenter commercial.

4 Yosef (Appalachian State)

Thank to an upset over Michigan that hand everyone asking "Where the hell is Appalachian State?" the rankings are graced with the presence of a mascot who looks like he's part Amish and part mountain man. Yosef's name is also a thing of beauty, coming from the mountain talk for "Yourself." Is it just me or does this story keep getting better?

5 Cocky (South Carolina)

The Gamecock is up for the Capital One Mascot of the Year award, but the entire reason I'm throwing South Carolina on this list is unmistakably the greatest clip ever from a beauty pageant. Palmetto State's entrant into the Miss Teen USA isn't exactly bowling us over with her take on the current state of the American education system, but at least Lauren Caitlin Upton's a looker.

6 Uga (Georgia)

Alumni Ryan Seacrest may be the busiest guy in showbiz, taking on Emmy and Super Bowl pregame entertainment hosting duties. I'm putting this out there: is there just one Seacrest? This guy is everywhere. I think he just rang me up at Target last week. Also, Uga's favorite 84-year-old radio man, Larry Munson, threw a party the night before the season opener, a shindig attended by musician Corey Smith, who played his ode to Georgia football Every Dog Has His Day, which unfortunately is not a rip off of Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

7 Bevo (Texas)

For the second year in a row the longhorn graces the highest-selling merchandise in the college game. Bevo also appears on Texas' media guide cover on a hologram. And if anyone didn't already know, Bevo is a big draw. As this article that comes from the Department of the Obvious explains: Longhorns games are big money makers for Austin. The next article will be entitled "Bevo is a steer."

8 Brutus (Ohio State)

The poisonous nut is a finalist for the Mascot Hall of Fame and was leading Michigan State's Sparty by 3,000 votes. If you're a member of Buckeye Nation, this story is proof that it's never too early to indoctrinate your child on all that goes into being a Scarlet and Gray fanatic. As a strange aside, Brutus spent a day before the season at a pottery store before the season with cheerleaders. I can't get the thought of a Ghost-like wheel embrace out of my head.

9 Lil' Red (Nebraska)

The only inflated mascot on this list, Lil' Red is 8-foot tall and a throwback to the gangsta rap days of the 90s, sporting overhauls and a lid that's worn to the side. He's also a finalist for the HOF, largely for his time as Herbie Husker, but an induction's an induction. Lil' Red's biggest fan, Andy Roddick, is pumping out the wins at the U.S. Open, and apparently the iron too, appearing on the cover of Men's Fitness, though even Roddick admits that this beefed-up photo has to be doctored.

10 Cy (Iowa State)

The cyclone was named the "Most Dominant Mascot on Earth" according to a poll. So how does Iowa State celebrate? By letting its fans pick out what the team's helmets will look like next season in what can only be described as one of the coolest fan offers ever.

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