By Dr Z
January 31, 2007
Dr. Z's Positional Breakdown
How the Colts and Bears match up for Super Bowl XL

Special Teams
Colts Edge Bears
Adam Vinatieri (4)
Nothing over 48 in the regular season, but in the playoffs he nailed a 50-yarder, plus a 51 that hit the crossbar and plopped over. He gets the nod on playoff experience.
Robbie Gould (9)
Has yet to even try one 50 yards or longer. When he does, I'll take him as seriously as the Pro Bowl balloters did. Maybe.
Colts Edge Bears
Hunter Smith (17)
Hunter the Punter had the fewest boots of any regular kicker because the offense was stopped so seldom. Average numbers, sub-par net yardage figure.
Brad Maynard (4)
Had some clunkers in the postseason, but I'll give him the edge on better net, plus a figure I find crucial, fewer percentage of punts returned.
Terrence Wilkins (10) is a good, active returner of both punts and kicks. Right now he'd better be working on his grip because the Bears will be dedicated to prying the ball loose. We all know about Chicago's Devin Hester and his record-breaking six TDs. So do the Colts, and I'm betting that they'll bounce them to him because he doesn't field grounders well.
Edge: Bears
The Colts aren't good -- 13.1 per punt return during the regular season, 26.0 on kickoffs. The Bears' numbers are much better than the Colts' in the regular season, and in the postseason they allowed a measly 2.4 yards per punt return.
Edge: Bears
TOTAL: Bears 3-1.
OVERALL TOTAL: Bears 14-9-4.

Dr. Z's Pick: Colts 34, Bears 24
(Sorry, all you numbers freaks out there. The consensus doesn't take into account the great difference in the most crucial of all positions ... quarterback ... nor in the importance of the Indy hurry-up, no huddle offense.)

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