Medal predictions for Winter Olympics

Friday February 12th, 2010
Projected Medal Count
Country gold medal
silver medal
bronze medal
2010 Total 2006 Total
Germany 11 11 13 35 29
Canada 10 11 9 30 24
United States 7 10 10 27 25
Norway 7 10 5 22 19
Austria 5 7 10 22 23
Sweden 6 4 6 16 14
China 5 5 5 15 11
South Korea 5 6 3 14 11
Russia 3 4 5 12 22
France 4 4 3 11 9
Switzerland 4 3 3 10 14
The Netherlands 4 0 4 8 9
Finland 1 1 5 7 9
Medal Picks
Alpine Skiing

Unless Lindsey Vonn withdraws, we'll assume she's still a gold threat. If Vonn proves to be too limited to contend, the U.S. team may turn to Turin surprise Ted Ligety and hit-or-miss Bode Miller to regain form and produce medals.
Men's Downhill
gold medal Didier Cuche Switzerland
silver medal Manuel Osborne-Paradis Canada
bronze medal Carlo Janka Switzerland
Note Cuche, 35, history's oldest world champ, will ski with a broken thumb.
Men's Super Giant Slalom
gold medal Michael Walchhofer Austria
silver medal Aksel Lund Svindal Norway
bronze medal Didier Cuche Switzerland
Note Walchhofer, 34, works at his family's hotel in Zauchensee.
Men's Combined
gold medal Ivica Kostelíc Croatia
silver medal Benjamin Raich Austria
bronze medal Bode Miller United States
Note Kostelíc's younger sister, Janica, won six Olympic Alpine medals.
Men's Giant Slalom
gold medal Benjamin Raich Austria
silver medal Ted Ligety United States
bronze medal Marcel Hirscher Austria
Note Raich lost the 2009 overall World Cup title to Svindal by two points.
Men's Slalom
gold medal Julien Lizeroux France
silver medal Reinfried Herbst Germany
bronze medal Ivica Kostelíc Croatia
Note Lizeroux's brother Yoann died while base jumping in Switzerland in 2008.
Women's Downhill
gold medal Lindsey Vonn United States
silver medal Maria Riesch Germany
bronze medal Anja Pärson Sweden
Note Seventeen of Vonn's 31 World Cup wins have been in the downhill.
Women's Super Giant Slalom
gold medal Lindsey Vonn United States
silver medal Fabienne Suter France
bronze medal Andrea Fischbacher Austria
Note Michaela Dorfmeister of Austria won downhill and Super G in Turin.
Women's Combined
gold medal Anja Pärson Sweden
silver medal Maria Riesch Germany
bronze medal Elisabeth Görgl Austria
Note Pärson leads active Alpine skiers with 40 World Cup wins.
Women's Giant Slalom
gold medal Kathrin Hölzl Germany
silver medal Tina Maze Slovenia
bronze medal Tanja Poutiainen Finland
Note Hölzl has 19 top 10 World Cup finishes, all in giant slalom.
Women's Slalom
gold medal Maria Riesch Germany
silver medal Sandrine Aubert France
bronze medal Kathrin Zettel Austria
Note Vonn and Riesch are best pals.

Tim Burke of Paul Smiths, N.Y., briefly held the yellow jersey this season as the World Cup points leader and could become the first U.S. biathlete to win an Olympic medal.
Men's 10K Sprint
gold medal Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway
silver medal Dominik Landertinger Austria
bronze medal Simon Fourcade France
Note Bjørndalen won this in 1998 and '02.
Men's 12.5K Pursuit
gold medal Dominik Landertinger Austria
silver medal Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway
bronze medal Arnd Peiffer Germany
Note Austria's team has been rebuilt since a drug scandal in Turin.
Men's 15K Mass Start
gold medal Evgeny Ustyugov Russia
silver medal Emil Hegle Svendsen Norway
bronze medal Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway
Note Svendsen, 24, is looking like the next Bjørndalen.
Men's 20K Individual
gold medal Sergei Sednev Ukraine
silver medal Daniel Mesotitsch Austria
bronze medal Christoph Sumann Austria
Note Burke should contend.
Men's 4 x 7.5K Relay
gold medal Norway
silver medal Austria
bronze medal Russia
Note Russia (or the USSR) has medaled in the relay in 10 of the last 11 Games.
Women's 7.5K Sprint
gold medal Kati Wilhelm Germany
silver medal Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek Sweden
bronze medal Magdalena Neuner Germany
Note Wilhelm has won three golds and three silvers in two Olympics.
Women's 10K Pursuit
gold medal Helena Jonsson Sweden
silver medal Andrea Henkel Germany
bronze medal Magdalena Neuner Germany
Note Jonsson's dad charged her 10¢ per miss in childhood shooting practice.
Women's 12.5K Mass Start
gold medal Andrea Henkel Germany
silver medal Helena Jonsson Sweden
bronze medal Simone Hauswald Germany
Note Henkel's sister, Manuela, won cross-country gold in 2002.
Women's 15K Individual
gold medal Helena Jonsson Sweden
silver medal Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek Sweden
bronze medal Magdalena Neuner Germany
Note Olofsson-Zidek competed while pregnant in 2008.
Women's 4 x 6K Relay
gold medal Russia
silver medal Germany
bronze medal Sweden
Note Germany has the versatile Neuner, but Russia is the world champ.

Steven Holcomb's Night Train sled and John Napier's USA 2 vehicle could land on the podium. Driver Shauna Rohbuck has five world and Olympic medals, but is still seeking her first gold.
Men's Two-man
gold medal Beat Hefti & Thomas Lamparter Switzerland
silver medal André Lange & Kevin Kuske Germany
bronze medal Thomas Florschütz & Marc Kühne Germany
Note Florschütz's brother André could win luge gold.
Men's Four-man
gold medal Germany (driver: André Lange)
silver medal United States (driver: Steve Holcomb)
bronze medal Switzerland (driver: Ivo Rüegg)
Note U.S. is seeking first gold since 1948.
Women's Two-woman
gold medal Cathleen Martini & Romy Logsch Germany
silver medal Shauna Rohbock & Michelle Rzepka United States
bronze medal Kaillie Humphries & Heather Moyse Canada
Note In Turin, Rohbock won silver with Valerie Fleming, now injured.
Cross-Country Skiing

No U.S. woman has won an Olympic cross-country medal, but Alaskan Kikkan Randall, a silver medalist in the individual sprint at the 2009 world championships, could break the drought.
Men's 1.4K Sprint (classical)
gold medal Emil Jönsson Sweden
silver medal Ola Vigen Hattestad Norway
bronze medal Nikita Kriukov Russia
Note Three of Jönsson's four World Cup wins have come in Canada.
Men's Team Sprint (freestyle)
gold medal Norway
silver medal Russia
bronze medal Sweden
Note Turin finish: Sweden, Norway, Russia.
Men's 15K Freestyle
gold medal Matti Heikkinen Finland
silver medal Vincent Vittoz France
bronze medal Petter Northug Jr. Norway
Note No Finn has won this event since 1964.
Men's 30K Pursuit
gold medal Petter Northug Jr. Norway
silver medal Lukas Bauer Czech Republic
bronze medal Marcus Hellner Sweden
Note Northug, the sport's trash talker, won three golds at 2009 worlds.
50K Mass Start (classical)
gold medal Lukas Bauer Czech Republic
silver medal Maxim Vylegzhanin Russia
bronze medal Alexander Legkov Russia
Note In 2006, the top eight finishers were just 3.3 seconds apart.
Men's 4 x 10K Relay
gold medal Norway
silver medal Russia
bronze medal Germany
Note Reigning champ Italy has fallen on hard times.
Women's 1.2K Sprint (classical)
gold medal Petra Majdic Slovenia
silver medal Justyna Kowalczyk Poland
bronze medal Aino-Kaisa Saarinen Finland
Note Saarinen's twin sister, Maija, also skied for Finland.
Women's Team Sprint (freestyle)
gold medal Sweden
silver medal Italy
bronze medal Slovenia
Note Sweden won this event in 2006.
Women's 10K Freestyle
gold medal Marit Bjoergen Norway
silver medal Charlotte Kalla Sweden
bronze medal Irina Khazova Russia
Note A Swedish woman last won individual cross-country gold in '68.
Women's 15K Pursuit
gold medal Justyna Kowalczyk Poland
silver medal Aino-Kaisa Saarinen Finland
bronze medal Petra Majdic Slovenia
Note Kowalczyk has seven World Cup victories this season.
Women's 30K Mass Start (classical)
gold medal Justyna Kowalczyk Poland
silver medal Marit Bjoergen Norway
bronze medal Anna Haag Sweden
Note Kowalczyk had a steroid suspension rescinded in 2005.
Women's 4 x 5K Relay
gold medal Sweden
silver medal Norway
bronze medal Finland
Note None of these three medaled in '06.

Coming off a bronze medal in Turin, the U.S. men have medal prospects again, this time with John Shuster, a lead in 2006, acting as the skip in Vancouver.
gold medal Great Britain
silver medal Canada
bronze medal Norway
Note The Canadians won in Turin; the Brits took the '09 worlds.
gold medal Canada
silver medal China
bronze medal Denmark
Note China is making its Olympic debut in this event.
Figure Skating

While the ladies and pairs teams are weaker than usual, the U.S. has three men -- Evan Lysacek, Jeremy Abbott and Johnny Weir -- and two dance teams with medal prospects.
gold medal Evgeni Plushenko Russia
silver medal Patrick Chan Canada
bronze medal Evan Lysacek United States
Note Turin gold medalist Plushenko is back after a three-year retirement.
gold medal Kim Yu-na South Korea
silver medal Mao Asada Japan
bronze medal Joannie Rochette Canada
Note Asada's national rival Miki Ando is also a threat.
gold medal Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo China
silver medal Pang Qing & Tong Jian China
bronze medal Alona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy Germany
Note Russians (or Soviets) have won every gold in this since 1964.
gold medal Meryl Davis & Charlie White United States
silver medal Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Canada
bronze medal Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto United States
Note Davis and White train in Michigan with Virtue and Moir.
Freestyle Skiing

World champ Patrick Deneen is a medal threat in the moguls, while Hannah Kearney, a seven-time World Cup winner, also has a chance. Disappointed by a seventh-place finish in '06, aerialist Jeret "Speedy" Peterson returns for another leap of faith.
Men's Aerials
gold medal Anton Kushnir Belarus
silver medal Qi Guangpu China
bronze medal Jia Zongyang China
Note Kushnir has won a medal in all six World Cup events this season.
Men's Moguls
gold medal Dale Begg-Smith Australia
silver medal Guilbaut Colas France
bronze medal Jesper Björnlund Sweden
Note Deneen has a shot despite an inconsistent year.
Men's Skicross
gold medal Michael Schmid Switzerland
silver medal Chris Del Bosco Canada
bronze medal Andreas Matt Austria
Note The father of Colorado native Del Bosco is Canadian.
Women's Aerials
gold medal Lydia Lassila Australia
silver medal Li Nina China
bronze medal Zhang Xin China
Note Lassila blew out her knee on a qualifying jump in Turin.
Women's Moguls
gold medal Jennifer Heil Canada
silver medal Heather McPhie United States
bronze medal Hannah Kearney United States
Note Lake Tahoe's Shannon Bahrke could also climb the podium.
Women's Skicross
gold medal Ophelie David France
silver medal Ashleigh McIvor Canada
bronze medal Kelsey Serwa Canada
Note Corsica native David, 33, skied on Hungary's Alpine team in 1994.

Only three men have Olympic experience on a U.S. team that will rely heavily on goaltender Ryan Miller to reach the podium. The women enter as world champs, but have struggled in recent exhibition games against Canada, a team they are likely to face in the finals.
gold medal Canada
silver medal Russia
bronze medal Czech Republic
Note Miller gives the U.S. a chance.
gold medal Canada
silver medal United States
bronze medal Finland
Note Canada and the U.S. have faced off in all 12 world championship finals.

Erin Hamlin hasn't placed higher than third since cracking the German stronghold and winning the world title last year; she'll likely battle Germany's Anke Wischnewski for bronze. Tony Benshoof, 34, comes off a fourth-place showing in Turin, but a bad back may dim his medal hopes.
Men's Singles
gold medal Armin Zöggeler Italy
silver medal Albert Demchenko Russia
bronze medal Felix Loch Germany
Note Zöggeler has five world titles and four Olympic medals.
Men's Doubles
gold medal André Florschütz & Torsten Wustlich Germany
silver medal Patric Leitner & Alexander Resch Germany
bronze medal Christian Oberstolz & Patrick Gruber Italy
Note The Linger brothers of Austria won in Turin and could contend again.
Women's Singles
gold medal Tatjana Hüfner Germany
silver medal Natalie Geisenberger Germany
bronze medal Erin Hamlin United States
Note Hüfner clinched her third overall World Cup title last month.
Nordic Combined

Having never won an Olympic medal in this sport, the U.S. features three legitimate medal candidates -- Bill Demong, Todd Lodwick and Johnny Spillane -- and should at least capture a medal in the team event.
Normal Hill
gold medal Jason Lamy Chappuis France
silver medal Magnus Moan Norway
bronze medal Felix Gottwald Austria
Note Chappuis is the World Cup leader.
Large Hill
gold medal Magnus Moan Norway
silver medal Jason Lamy Chappuis France
bronze medal Tino Edelmann Germany
Note Moan (MOO-ahn) was born in the '94 Olympic host city, Lillehammer.
Team (large hill, 4 x 5K freestyle)
gold medal Germany
silver medal United States
bronze medal Norway
Note The U.S. finished fourth in 2002.

Despite Eric Bernotas' World Cup win in St. Moritz, Switzerland, last month, the team isn't likely to medal. Two first-time Olympians have good stories: Zach Lund, who was busted at the 11th hour for using a banned hair replacement drug in 2006, and Noelle Pikus-Pace, a favorite for Turin until her leg was crushed by an errant bobsled.
gold medal Martins Dukurs Latvia
silver medal Frank Rommel Germany
bronze medal Jon Montgomery Canada
Note Dukurs's older brother, Tomass, is also a medal threat.
gold medal Kerstin Szymkowiak Germany
silver medal Mellisa Hollingsworth Canada
bronze medal Anja Huber Germany
Note Growing up on an Alberta ranch, Hollingsworth was a barrel racer.
Ski Jumping

With Anders Johnson, 20, Nick Alexander, 21, and Peter Frenette, 17, the U.S. has an inexperienced team that is unlikely to contend for medals.
Normal Hill
gold medal Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria
silver medal Simon Ammann Switzerland
bronze medal Wolfgang Loitzl Austria
Note Ammann won double gold in '02.
Large Hill
gold medal Simon Ammann Switzerland
silver medal Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria
bronze medal Thomas Morgenstern Austria
Note Morgenstern's uncle Alois finished seventh in the slalom in 1976.
gold medal Austria
silver medal Norway
bronze medal Finland
Note Four of the world's top five jumpers are Austrian.

U.S. snowboarders collected seven medals in Turin and should come close to that in Vancouver. While Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis are out with devastating injuries, Shaun White will fly again with a risky Double McTwist 1260.
Men's Halfpipe
gold medal Shaun White United States
silver medal Iouri Podladtchikov Switzerland
bronze medal Scotty Lago United States
Note Louie Vito from the U.S. could also contend for a medal.
Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
gold medal Jasey-Jay Anderson Canada
silver medal Benjamin Karl Austria
bronze medal Andreas Prommegger Austria
Note Anderson runs a blueberry farm in Quebec.
Men's Snowboardcross
gold medal Pierre Vaultier France
silver medal Nate Holland United States
bronze medal Graham Watanabe United States
Note Holland recently won the X Games snowboardcross for the fifth time in five years.
Women's Halfpipe
gold medal Kelly Clark United States
silver medal Gretchen Bleiler United States
bronze medal Torah Bright Australia
Note Bright, a Mormon, lives in Utah and appears in an Xbox game.
Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
gold medal Nicolien Sauerbreij Netherlands
silver medal Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli Switzerland
bronze medal Amelie Kober Germany
Note World Cup champ in 2008?09, Kober is training to be a police chief.
Women's Snowboardcross
gold medal Maelle Ricker Canada
silver medal Lindsey Jacobellis United States
bronze medal Helene Olafsen Norway
Note Jacobellis hot-dogged her way out of gold in Turin.

Favored in the 1,000 and 1,500, Shani Davis could also contend in the 500 and 5,000. Tucker Fredricks could win a sprint medal, while Chad Hedrick or Trevor Marsicano could also reach the podium.
Men's 500 Meters
gold medal Lee Kang-seok South Korea
silver medal Keiichiro Nagashima Japan
bronze medal Lee Kyou-hyuk South Korea
Note Fredricks is the U.S. hope.
Men's 1,000 Meters
gold medal Shani Davis United States
silver medal Lee Kyou-hyuk South Korea
bronze medal Denny Morrison Canada
Note Lee is in his fifth Olympics, but has yet to win a medal.
Men's 1,500 Meters
gold medal Shani Davis United States
silver medal Denny Morrison Canada
bronze medal Chad Hedrick United States
Note Hedrick dealt Davis his only season loss in the 1,500.
Men's 5,000 Meters
gold medal Sven Kramer Netherlands
silver medal Enrico Fabris Italy
bronze medal Bob de Jong Netherlands
Note Kramer hasn't lost a 5K since Fabris beat him in 2007.
Men's 10,000 Meters
gold medal Sven Kramer Netherlands
silver medal Håvard Bøkko, Norway
bronze medal Alexis Contin France
Note Kramer's father, Yep, skated at the 1980 and '84 Olympics.
Men's Team Pursuit
gold medal Netherlands
silver medal Norway
bronze medal Canada
Note U.S. chances suffer without Davis, who chose to skip the team event.
Women's 500 Meters
gold medal Jenny Wolf Germany
silver medal Lee Sang-hwa South Korea
bronze medal Wang Beixing China
Note Wang has been living and training in Canada.
Women's 1,000 Meters
gold medal Christine Nesbitt Canada
silver medal Sayuri Yoshii Japan
bronze medal Annette Gerritsen Netherlands
Note Nesbitt was born in Australia.
Women's 1,500 Meters
gold medal Christine Nesbitt Canada
silver medal Kristina Groves Canada
bronze medal Ireen Wust Netherlands
Note A lane violation cost Groves world gold in 2009.
Women's 3,000 Meters
gold medal Martina Sáblíková Czech Republic
silver medal Stephanie Beckert Germany
bronze medal Kristina Groves Canada
Note Sáblíková's brother Milan skates for the Czech national team.
Women's 5,000 Meters
gold medal Martina Sáblíková Czech Republic
silver medal Stephanie Beckert Germany
bronze medal Daniela Anschuetz-Thoms Germany
Note Sáblíková won 5K world titles in 2007, '08 and '09.
Women's Team Pursuit
gold medal Canada
silver medal Germany
bronze medal Netherlands
Note Russia and Japan will make this a wide-open race.

Three-time Olympian Apolo Ohno and rookie J.R. Celski give the U.S. men a strong one-two punch. Katherine Reutter is a good bet to break through an Asian stronghold and win at least one medal.
Men's 500 Meters
gold medal Charles Hamelin Canada
silver medal Kwak Yoon-gy South Korea
bronze medal Apolo Ohno United States
Note Hamelin's dad, Yves, heads Canada's national program.
Men's 1,000 Meters
gold medal Lee Jung-su South Korea
silver medal Apolo Ohno United States
bronze medal Charles Hamelin Canada
Note A four-skater crash may have cost Ohno gold in the 1,000 in '02.
Men's 1,500 Meters
gold medal Lee Ho-suk South Korea
silver medal Lee Jung-su South Korea
bronze medal Sung Si-bak South Korea
Note Lee Ho-suk won three medals in Turin.
Men's 5,000 Meter Relay
gold medal South Korea
silver medal Canada
bronze medal China
Note South Korea beat Canada by a blade length in 2006.
Women's 500 Meters
gold medal Wang Meng China
silver medal Kalyna Roberge Canada
bronze medal Zhao Nannan China
Note The mother of tiny (5-foot-3) Roberge hails from tiny Mauritius.
Women's 1,000 Meters
gold medal Wang Meng China
silver medal Zhou Yang China
bronze medal Lee Eun-byul South Korea
Note Wang has won 14 world titles.
Women's 1,500 Meters
gold medal Zhou Yang China
silver medal Lee Eun-byul South Korea
bronze medal Katherine Reutter United States
Note Wouth Koreans won both gold and silver in 2002 and '06.
Women's 3,000 Meter Relay
gold medal China
silver medal South Korea
bronze medal Canada
Note The U.S. quartet could win a medal.
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