November 05, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Andy Gray
How Tennessee Can Find Its Next Coach
Megan Fox could inspire any coach to take the Tennessee opening. :: Courtesy of FHM

We know Tennessee fans are excited about Phil Fulmer's impending departure from Knoxville, but who knew it would be so hard to find a replacement? Steve Spurrier said thanks ... but no thanks while former offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe decided he didn't want to abandon the mighty Duke football program to return to the Vols. We're not sure if any of these candidates are interested, but SIOC has a better idea: Get Oak Ridge, Tenn. native Megan Fox to knock on the doorstep of every top coach (while in this outfit) and insist they give their home state's school a shot.

We Hope Nobody Pays for This

We don't complain about things very often, but this really annoyed us -- Norfolk State University is charging students $100 per car and $125 per recreational vehicle to tailgate in the school's parking lot for football games. Speaking of bad ideas, we hope nobody pays for this.

A Race to Remember
Who can forget the Jesse versus Zach election at Bayside High?

We have a feeling you're a little burned out on election coverage, but this is one item worth checking out -- seven hotly contested TV school elections including the famous Jessie Spano versus Zach Morris race for president of Bayside High.

Scary Stallone

We're not sure why but we spent 15 minutes this morning checking out the evolution of Sylvester Stallone over the years. And for whatever it's worth, there isn't enough money in the world to make us watch The Specialist.

Two Random Stories We Enjoyed

I love dogs (as evident by this video of my blind huskie, Norman), but we thought it was rather funny that this Wisconsin guy made a move on his female roommate, was shot down and got revenge by peeing on her dog. In happier news, a Colorado couple ordered takeout from Del Taco and found a small bag of marijuana accidentally thrown in with their order.
Cheers -- Version 2.0

Ever wonder what the Boston-based sitcom Cheers would be like if it was recast with modern actors? Neither did we until we saw this link, but it is entertaining.

One More Political Item

In honor of election day, Maxim presents America's drunkest presidents.

Pop Culture Nugget

Justin Long hooked up with Tila Tequila. Take that, PC!

Today In Hot Clicks
Elisabetta Gregoraci :: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Hottest NASCAR, Formula 1 WAGs ... Ways sports fans cheat ... Must-see NFL plays ... Election Day perks ... Arenas gives back ... Video: Play of the Year ... Klum ... Bloopers.

Odds and Ends

Here's a fun game -- find out which actor went to high school and who earned their GED ... This may be the stupidest criminal alive ... The Celebrity Examiner has the unsexiest celebrity magazine covers of all time.

Strange Happenings at UPenn

Imagine going to vote in yesterday's election and seeing a scary-looking dude dressed up like a Black Panther at the entrance.

Prank of the Day

Guys hitting other guys is always funny (Warning -- strong language involved).

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