August 04, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Hell, No!
Megan Fox
Megan Fox :: Getty Images
For those who think Hot Clicks has no standards and won't stand up for an important issue, today's the day we prove you wrong. A couple of weeks ago, Hot Clicks was approached by to participate in an event so offensive and so morally reprehensible I can't even describe it. I'll just let the e-mail speak for itself: "Dear Man Blogosphere, we've decided we have had enough. Megan Fox, widely considered the hottest woman alive, has had our b---- in a jar for several years now and we've happily lined up to heap awards on her and enjoyed the corresponding traffic. But the time has come for a change. We're calling for an Internet-wide ban on Megan Fox coverage on Aug. 4. We recognize that this ban will most likely result in her profile being raised even higher, but to stand by and do nothing would be unacceptable. If you're interested in participating, please let me know as soon as possible." Listen, there are plenty of things that deserve an Internet-wide ban -- Brett Favre, anything that mentions steroids, updates on Chad Ochocinco's Twitter feed and columns about the BCS, just to name a few -- but a Megan Fox boycott is crazy talk. Luckily for us, agrees and is running Megan Fox content all day long.
You Never Know What You'll See At The Ballpark

Joe Sports Fan found the beer vendor who has the best pipes in the game. Meanwhile, Red Sox Monster found a Boston fan who drank beer from a sneaker over the weekend. His mom must be so proud.

Belding Does Baseball

Last week's People magazine featured a Saved By the Bell reunion. Reports say Screech was missing because the other cast members "were not comfortable with including him." But where was Mr. Belding? Well, if you're in the West Virginia area Friday, you can tell Mr. Belding you miss him, because he will be making an appearance at the West Virginia Power (Pittsburgh Pirates Class A affiliate) game as part of "Back to School Night." (Thanks to RP, of Charleston, W. Va., for the link.)

Alex The Amorous
Alex Ovechkin
Alex Ovechkin :: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Alex Ovechkin recently did an interview with a Russian TV show in which he touched on a wide range of topics, including the difference between Russian women and American women and whether it's good to, um, be physical with someone before a game.

The Final Word On The LeBron Dunk Tape

After all of the nonsense, Nike has NOW decided to give the confiscated tapes back to the journalists who shot the original footage.

Random Links

Lee Corso is doing well after a stroke and will be ready for the college football season. ... Reggie Wayne drove a dump truck to Colts camp -- while wearing construction gear. ... The Tiger Woods flatulence story is out of control.

Snuggie -- For Dogs

The e-mails have been coming in fast and furious. Chris Simmonds, of Abingdon, Md. (Unbelievable. A Snuggie for dogs. Video, too."), Jason, of Queens, N.Y. ("The Snuggie craze isn't over yet!"), Tim, of Seaford, N.Y. ("So now they have a Snuggie for dogs. No joke."), Charles Park, of Houston ("This is 100 percent your fault. Nice going, Jimmy."), and Dave Shuck, of Denver ("Are you serious?"), all alerted me to this.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Someone should've told the players from Italy and Canada that Saturday's game was just an exhibition. Check out Italy's Stefano Mancinelli with a nasty sucker punch on Canada's Aaron Doornekamp.
Wrestling Video Of The Day
I dare you to watch this and not get dizzy and/or throw up. (Thanks to Adam Eisenstat, of Toronto, for the link.)
Beard Video Of The Day

Matt Stumpf, of Palm Harbor, Fla., says, "All first-year members of the renowned Dartmouth College Varsity Men's Swimming and Diving team must complete a grueling foray of bravado and cavemanhood into the ultimate realm of manliness: no facial shaving for two months. Being 50 percent Italian, 50 percent Greek and 100 percent hairy, I decided to document daily what I knew would be an epic beard. I present it here to the tune of O Fortuna by Carl Orff. Please enjoy responsibly and consider thoughtfully." Folks, you gotta stick around until the end.

Literal Music Video Of The Day

Biz Markie's Just A Friend gets the literal treatment.

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