February 17, 2010
MJ's B-Day
Michael Jordan :: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

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Today is Michael Jordan's 47th birthday. The SI Vault Twitter feed has been celebrating all day by posting classic photos of MJ.
Vegas, Baby
Since I leave for Las Vegas four weeks from today for the opening round of the NCAA tournament and my friend Mookie's bachelor party, I have to post this list of the top 10 Las Vegas sporting experiences.
The Headline Says It All
Marquis Daniels had a diamond chain of his head made.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Alison Brie :: Courtesy of Complex.com
After Christina Hendricks got this honor yesterday, Mad Men fans came out of the woodwork to demand equal time for another star of the show (and Community). Adam R., of Columbia, Md., says, "Jimmy, I see a lot of love for Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, but I'm a little more partial to Alison Brie. Check her out!"
Tiger's Gonna Talk
Tiger Woods is scheduled to make a statement on Friday morning. In an extremely weak move that will only fuel the fire even more, however, Woods will not take questions. In fact, only a few reporters will be at the press conference. But none of that matters because Hot Clicks has gotten an exclusive look at the statement Tiger will read.
Two Great Time Wasters
The "Hitler Finds Out" videos have been a staple in Hot Clicks, so if you're a fan, check out Epic Carnival's compilation of the 15 best parodies. On a more serious note, this feature on Roger Ebert and his health battle, which prevents him from being able to speak, eat or drink, is a must read.
Sports Video Of The Day
Dave, of, Los Angeles, sends in this clip of Baron Davis navigating his way through the streets of Shanghai -- video game style.

Music Video Of The Day
Via Buzzfeed.com comes this Enter Sandman/Don't Stop Believin' mashup.

Alison Brie Video Of The Day
Since there was video from the photoshoot linked above, it seemed only natural to post it.

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