November 06, 2012
Oh, Brother
Michael Vick, Marcus Vick :: Jason Hirschfeld/Getty Images

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While Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was taking a beating from the Saints defense last night (he was sacked seven times), his brother, Marcus, took to Twitter to rip Philadelphia's offensive line, demand the organization trade Michael, and rip the Eagles' backup quarterback, Nick Foles.
Hidden Player Trick
In case you missed it last night, the Eagles executed a brilliant special teams play, which had wide receiver Riley Cooper literally hiding in the end zone. The only problem was the penalty that ruined the effort.
A California man on trial for murder pleaded guilty to the crime yesterday so his day in court would end early enough for him to get back to his jail cell to watch the Eagles and Saints play on Monday Night Football.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Danielle Knudson :: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Canadian model Danielle Knudson, a Lovely Lady of the Day in July, just did has another solid photoshoot.
You've Been Warned
The NBA, vowing to crack down on flopping this season, has already handed out two warnings: Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea had a minor flop, while Cavaliers guard Donald Sloan embarrassed himself with his acting performance.
Head Cases
In the latest example of fans carving sports-related items into their hair, we have this guy paying tribute to Rockets guard James Harden.
Election Day Video Of The Day
Jimmy Kimmel does it again. Apparently, tons of people went to the polls to vote YESTERDAY.

Military Homecoming Video Of The Day
Two young boys got a tremendous surprise at last Saturday's East Carolina football game.

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