November 25, 2009
A Thanksgiving Link Bonanza
Gus Frerotte, Greg Hill, Johnnie Morton, Robert Porcher :: Jeff Kowalsky/Getty Images


The NFL's Biggest Thanksgiving Day fails... Seven sports franchises not to be thankful for this season. ... Top 10 least thankful people in sports. ... Ten Backyard Plays for your Turkey Bowl.
Non-Sports Thanksgiving Link Bonanza
Helpful tips to avoid being "that guy" at Thanksgiving dinner. ... The 10 best scenes from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. ... A poem titled Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. ... Come to New York and taste the 100-proof turkey. ... 10 Shocking turkey mishaps.
Shoppers, Beware
If you hit up Walmart on Black Friday, you might want to check the clearance bin for this ESPN product. ... You also might want to take some pics that you can put up on ... But whatever you do, please don't be one of these people.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Mila Kunis ::
James, e-mailed to say, "Just wanted to say thanks from a deployed member in Iraq, your Extra Mustard column keeps an airman going every day at work. Especially the women you put up. Thanks once again man, also Happy Turkey Day." After getting an e-mail I had no choice but let James pick today's Lovely Lady of the Day and he made the fine request of Mila Kunis.
Random Links
Check out Tim Duncan as you've never seen him before. ... Everyone at Tim Tebow's final home this Saturday will be wearing eye black, but I'm really linking this up for the photoshop of Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist. ... If you're in Nova Scotia, don't use the Happy Gilmore golf shot.
One More To Get You Through Turkey Day
Oh my goodness. I almost forgot the best Thanksgiving link of all. Holy Taco unveils the 25 women they are thankful for. And as a bonus, if you can name the 25 women, you can win a prize.
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Sports Video Of The Day
I actually got a headache after watching this but if you like Sidney Crosby or math, this is for you. (Thanks to Stan McCutcheon, of Calgary, Alberta, for the link.)

McDonald's Video Of The Day
Yes, ordering like this is creative, but if I was behind those people, I'd go all Michael Douglas in Falling Down on them.

Michael Douglas In Falling Down Video Of The Day
Since I mentioned it...

Music Video Of The Day
Adam Sandler's The Thanksgiving Song.

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