March 18, 2011
Tourney Opens With Wild Opening Day
Rick Pitino : Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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Jimmy has taken the day off to be with his couch and TV. After yesterday's action, who can blame him? The tournament's first day had buzzer beaters, upsets, near-upsets, ONIONS and a depressed Rick Pitino (above is yesterday's photo of the day. This came in second). Here's a good summary of the firest full day in case you missed anything. What will today hold? Nobody is sure, but one thing to look forward to is Gus Johnson, who is doing play-by-play for George Mason-Villanova, Ohio State-UTSA, Xavier-Marquette and Syracuse-Indiana State. So bust out your Gus Johnson soundboard and enjoy the games.
Three More March Madness Links
Slate examines the academic side of March Madness by breaking down what tourney players are majoring in ... On the opposite side of the spectrum is Endless Simmer, which ranks all 68 teams based on the school's best food when you're drunk ... And if you've always wanted to get that vasectomy but never had the time, this Des Moines clinic has a tournament special just for you.
That Other Popular College Sport
The Wonderlic scores are in and Alabama's Greg McElroy is the nation's brightest QB.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Mila Kunis :: Julien Hekimianm/Getty Images
In honor of UCLA, which just hung on to beat Michigan State last night, here is a gallery of former Bruin, Mila Kunis.
Madness Isn't Just For College Basketball
From snowball fights in the stands to brawls in the pub, The Smoking Jacket has compiled the nine best videos of soccer hooligans in action.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
If you missed Jimmy's debut Podcast with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, give it a listen below.

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Random Links
A clothing store in Cincinnati sued Chad Ochocinco because he hasn't paid his $11,717.39 bill ... Jim Rome was really pulling for UCSB yesterday ... The 50 most hilarious tombstones ... The sitcom based on ESPN's Colin Cowherd will star Damon Wayons.
Pretty Passing Video Of The Day
The Blazers put on a passing clinic yesterday.

One Shining Moment Video Of The Day
Check out the 1991 version of every college basketball fan's favorite song.

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