August 26, 2011
Minka, I'm Here For You
Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter :: Getty Images

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As you know by now, Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have split up after three years together. Let me first put your fears to rest and assure you that even though Minka is no longer a sports WAG, Hot Clicks will still cover the Minka Kelly beat and items like this. Our love affair with the Friday Night Lights star started in 2006 and we don't intend to slow down now. As for the Yankee shortstop, the women of New York should forget Hurricane Irene and brace for Hurricane Jeter. After a being in a three-year relationship, we imagine he might want to let loose. Lastly, my always amusing followers on Twitter -- knowing the fondness I have for Jeter and Kelly -- had plenty of fun at my expense when this news broke late last night. They sent condolences, they asked if I'd be OK to write Hot Clicks today, made some very solid FNL references, mocked my love for Minka and Erin Andrews, and tried to predict my reaction to the news. A job well done to all of you.
Call Of The Day
Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis did some impromptu play-by-play last night during Baltimore's game against Washington. He has a future in the booth.
The Life Of An Athlete
Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton threw a pass at practice Thursday that hit running back Willis McGahee's Porsche and broke the windshield. McGahee's reaction? He said it was no big deal because he needed a new car anyway. (Thanks to Katie, of Hampden, Maine, for the tip.)
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Minka Kelly ::
Come on, you know I had to do it.
Instead of worrying about the product on the field or the disastrous situation with their ownership, the Dodgers organization is asking its fans to evaluate legendary play-by-play man Vin Scully.
Not Too Many "Woooo's" In This Story
This article (which details the constant and on-going struggles in Ric Flair's life) is extremely depressing, yet it's a must-read for any wrestling fan. (Thanks to Bryan, of Webster, N.Y., for the link.)
Giveaway Of The Day
Xbox 360 :: Microsoft
To celebrate the re-launch of ESPN on Xbox LIVE, Microsoft has given Hot Clicks one Xbox 360 (120 GB) console and three 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription cards to giveaway. With the ESPN on Xbox LIVE you can watch more than 400 regular season college football games and 31 bowl games. New features to the service include favorite team personalization, split screen viewing, Kinect voice controls, game alerts, reminders and more. We'll give away the subscription cards in today's P.M. Hot Clicks. Right now we're giving away the Xbox. The first person to e-mail me ( the correct answers to the 10 questions below gets the Xbox. All answers come from recent editions of Hot Clicks. Remember to e-mail me and not fill out the form below. Please put "CONTEST" in the subject line.

1. Which NFL team has put their playbook in iPads?

2. Which NFL player took responsibility for this week's earthquake?

3. Who is the captain of the Bethany College men's golf team?

4. Which player did Pete Carroll play a prank on earlier this week?

5. How did Rafael Furcal injure his thumb?

6. Who came in first place in Hot Clicks recent poll asking which announcer you'd permanently mute?

7. Recent LLOD Gia Allemand is dating which NBA player?

8. What nickname did Regis Philbin give Erin Andrews when she co-hosted with him last week?

9. Chad Ochocinco said he'd play the fine levied against Bucs LB Mason Foster. How much was said fine.

10. Recent LLOD Ashley Greene is starring in an upcoming movie about which sport?

UPDATE: 3:08: Contest is over David Katz was the winner.
Sports Video Of The Day
Giants reliever Guillermo Mota apparently injured himself after tripping on the dugout steps last night.

Commercial Of The Day
Kevin Youkilis + Biz Markie = this spot for a New England car dealership.

The Onion Video Of The Day
Mocking Tiger Woods + spoof of PTI = make people laugh. (Warning: Video contains an F-bomb.)

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