September 15, 2010
R-Rated Minka
Minka Kelly :: Getty Images

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It's good to be back. I had to take a couple of days off because I was depressed that my prediction about the Lions making the playoffs got destroyed Sunday after the team was robbed by an awful rule and lost their quarterback. But at least my pick got mentioned in Sunday's Detroit Free Press, although I'm not sure the author is exactly a fan. ("At least one pundit is picking the Lions to be a wild-card team: Jimmy Traina, who usually picks cheesecake shots and YouTube clips for's Hot Clicks.") Anyway, let's get to the cheesecake. In my absence, Andy Gray threw tons of links at you, but one fell through the cracks. Eric Baeri, of Little Silver, N.J., says, "I know Jimmy was out, but how do you go an entire day in Hot Clicks without mentioning Minka Kelly's appearance in the season finale of Entourage!? I mean, she told Vince to F-himself!" Yes, Minka was on the show, as well as Eminem, and many other curses were dropped. So many, in fact, that I can't even link to the clip here on But if you want to see it, go to YouTube and search "Eminem @ Entourage." Speaking of Yankees WAGs, Nick Swisher's fiancee, actress Joanna Garcia, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. You can watch that interview here and here.
Minor Melee
The Greenville Drive (Red Sox Single-A affiliate) and Lakewood BlueClaws (Phillies Single-A affiliate) last night had one of the more entertaining brawls that you'll ever see.
Get This Man In The Dugout
ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Bobby Valentine isn't exactly smooth when doing the voiceover for highlights.
Just Like The Real Thing
Lou Holtz :: Rocky Widner/Getty Images
Here is one of the best Lou Holtz imitations you'll ever see.
How About Just A High Five?
Cardinals teammates Adam Wainwright and Skip Schumaker need to explain this ritual.
Hot Clicks Nation knows that we've featured LOTS of great leaps in this space, but Kentucky recruit and current White County Warriors high school senior Ashely Lowery deserves props for the one he pulled off over the weekend.
Terrible Tunes? is looking at the 100 worst songs ever. As always, I did not write this list, so if you have complaints, e-mail AOL Radio Blog and not me.
Sports Video Of The Day
This is one of the worst fumbles you'll ever see. (Thanks to Cedric, of Montreal, Greg, of Vancouver, Ryan, of Calgary and Sean, of Toronto, for the video.)

Politician Video Of The Day
Last Friday, Hot Clicks posted video of a politician getting very, very worked up during a speech. Well, thankfully, someone mashed that up with Chris Farley's Matt Foley. (Thanks to Mike, of North Canton, Ohio, for the video.)

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