By Ian Thomsen
June 23, 2010
2010 NBA Mock Draft: Version 3.0
The intrigue essentially begins at No. 3: Will the Nets go with Wes Johnson, Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins? Or do they lack true love for any of those prospects and, therefore, plan to trade back in the draft?

1 PG John Wall Kentucky Fr. 6-4 195
Wall enables the Wizards to embark on a new course based on his speed in the open court, his willingness to share the ball and, above all, his potential to be an elite defender. Gilbert Arenas -- provided he can manage to play a full season for the first time in four years -- will accommodate Wall by moving off the ball to become a finisher.
2 SG Evan Turner Ohio State Jr. 6-7 210
New coach Doug Collins will hope Turner -- the most mature player at the top of this draft -- becomes the Eastern version of Brandon Roy, settling down the Sixers and providing the leadership and playmaking that were lacking last season. But surprising rumors came Tuesday night: The 76ers may be considering Favors here, which would shock the top of the draft.
3 SF Wesley Johnson Syracuse Jr. 6-7 205
Do they really want Johnson? Or are they floating his name to force Minnesota and other teams to trade through the Nets for him? If the Nets pick this athletic wing scorer, they'll leave their frontcourt open to go after Carlos Boozer (who shares agent Rob Pelinka with Johnson) or Amar'e Stoudemire next week when free agency begins.
4 C DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky Fr. 6-11 270
They'll either take Cousins or trade to someone who wants him. If they hold on to Cousins, then they'll have a center to pair up front with Kevin Love, freeing them to trade Al Jefferson big-for-small and land a wing player they covet.
5 PF Greg Monroe Georgetown Soph. 6-11 247
The best passing big man in the draft seems made for either the Kings or Warriors. Now that Sacramento has moved Spencer Hawes and Cousins is no longer on the board, it can focus on rebuilding around Monroe and running offense through him.
6 PF Derrick Favors Georgia Tech Fr. 6-10 246
Yet another raw, athletic power forward comes to the Warriors; they collect this position like the Lions used to draft wideouts. The only definite here is that they'll spend the next day considering alternatives -- a wing scorer or a trade.
7 PF Ekpe Udoh Baylor Jr. 6-10 240
If the Pistons can't trade up for Cousins, then Udoh will be a good fall-back option. He plays with energy, he's a solid passer and he has a mid-range game. He may not be quite the explosive big man the Pistons were hoping to land, but he'll upgrade their frontcourt.
8 PF Al-Farouq Aminu Wake Forest Soph. 6-9 215
Imagine a healthy Blake Griffin sharing the frontcourt with Aminu, an aggressive tweener who defends, attacks the basket and gets to the foul line. Aminu could be a steal if he learns to extend his shooting range to the three-point line.
9 SF Gordon Hayward Butler Soph. 6-9 207
Hayward is a shooter who knows how to play -- two pluses for Jerry Sloan's system -- and his stock has been rising ever since the national championship game. But don't be surprised if the Jazz attempt to trade up as they rarely have a lottery pick and, therefore, will want to make the most of this opportunity.
10 PF Ed Davis North Carolina Soph. 6-10 225
The Pacers won't find a point guard in this draft, so they'll settle on Davis as the best player of reliable character on the board. He is raw but intelligent, with soft hands and the ambition to defend either of the big positions. A long-term project offensively.

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