September 20, 2010
Monday, September 20
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Is Romo to blame for Cowboys' woes?

Tony Romo may find more critics as the losses mount. The numbers indicate that Romo had a pretty good day against Chicago: 34-of-51 passing for 374 yards and a touchdown, with both interceptions on tipped balls. ... Here's the deal: He doesn't always have to be great. Most of the time, he just has to set his feet and give his receivers a chance to make a play. Romo doesn't always do that. Bill Parcells used to say that his talented, excitable young quarterback sometimes pulled the trigger too fast. Someone's saying it still. "Sometimes the quarterback can throw it too quickly," Martellus Bennett said. "It is the little things like that make the difference." (Dallas Morning News) Comment

Vikes to make play for V-Jax?

At 0-2, are the Vikings more likely to make a move? [Perhaps] they'll add the [6-foot-5 Vincent] Jackson to the group. Vikings officials have been in discussions about whether to pursue the embattled but talented San Diego Chargers receiver as soon as Sunday evening. The Vikings have been at the center of the Jackson rumor mill the past few weeks, and Sunday's performance might prove to be the tipping point. (Minneapolis Star Tribune) Comment

LeBron to play three positions

Will LeBron James be asked to adjust his game with Dwyane Wade? Both players invariably will, but Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is not pushing that notion. "I made the point to LeBron that I don't want to reinvent his game," Spoelstra said in a wide-ranging chat Friday. "I don't want him to feel uncomfortable. As a two-time MVP, we want to make sure what he does best, he will be able to do in our system." James will play at least three positions (small forward, point guard, some power forward). Spoelstra has not asked him to scale back his scoring, though that is an expected offshoot of playing with Wade. "LeBron certainly will play minutes during the game at point guard and handle the ball a lot," Spoelstra said. (Miami Herald) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

Yokozuna Hakuho, left, throws Tokusegawa Monday at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. The lone yokozuna has won 56 straight matches. (AP)

Must-See Video

The Patriots may have lost to the Jets, but Randy Moss schooled Darrelle Revis onn this grab Sunday.

Game To Watch

The Saints look to move to 2-0 when they visit the Niners, 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: More NFL labor strife
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  • 1980 --George Brett's quest to hit .400 ends when his average drops below .400 for the season
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