July 27, 2011
Leon de Huanuco, Rafael Marques :: Nabor Goulart/AP

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That's the title of this photo gallery that looks at the most painful moments in sports history.
Tattoo Of The Day
This is really the tattoo + haircut of the day.
"He Looks Like He Just Saw Boobs For The First Time"
Jimmy Fallon (sort of) spoofed SportsCenter on his show Tuesday. The result was this video, which reaches its high point when Fallon starts mocking photos of various San Francisco Giants. The above quote was used for star pitcher Tim Lincecum.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Yes, the silhouette is back. If you don't know why there's a silhouette here, read this. More importantly, today's LLOD is Polish model Monika Pietrasinska.
Tale Of The Tape
Summer camp vs. NFL camp.
If you're a sports media aficionado -- or if you just like to vote on things -- make your voice heard about your favorite writers, web sites, personalities and more.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
In case you missed it yesterday, Timberwolves forward and new professional volleyball player Kevin Love joined the show. I recommend listening to it so you can hear him talk about how he asked his best friend's girlfriend to his senior prom (without telling his best friend and girlfriend he was going to do so). Listen to it below or download it on iTunes.

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Pool Video Of The Day
A backflip isn't all that special. But when you do it into your floating chair, that's a different story. (Thanks to Steve, of Lowell, Mass., for the link.)

Live TV Video Of The Day
After the tragedy in Norway last week, this news station wanted to do a man-on-the-street interview. The man, however, was more interested in talking about his workout at the gym. (Thanks to Sean, of Toronto, for the link.)

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