May 06, 2009
Wednesday, May 6
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Favre to Jets: I'd only play for Vikings
Because the Jets, who still owned the rights to Brett Favre after his retirement, granted Favre his outright release, he's free to sign with any team without the Jets receiving compensation. Though the Jets didn't return a call last night, it is believed that when they granted him his release, Favre promised them that if he returned it would be only to play for the Vikings -- not a competing AFC East team with a vacancy caused by major injury. (New York Post)
Heat may not wait for 2010 free agents
It will be challenging for the Heat to upgrade significantly this summer because it is up against the luxury-tax threshold and wants big 2010 salary-cap space to re-sign Dwyane Wade and another free agent (potentially Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire). But owner Micky Arison said this week the Heat is willing to expedite the process this summer if the opportunity arises. "If a player you would be targeting became available in 2009, why wouldn't you do it?" Arison said of possibly trading for a 2010 free agent. ". . . We have not historically been a very patient organization. We're an organization that moves quickly. If the opportunity came along, we would consider it. But we're doing it under certain restraints." The sense here is that modest tinkering is most likely. (Miami Herald)
Why Big Ten expansion is unlikely
Calls for the expansion of the Big Ten conference to 12 teams, most recently raised last week by the iconic Penn St. football coach Joe Paterno, were quelled on Tuesday by the conference's commissioner, Jim Delaney. In suppressing this uprising yet again, Delaney said that conference expansion is a long, drawn-out process and, citing the Atlantic Coast Conference as an example, argued it might not result in an increased level of competition. Delaney is certainly correct in thinking that expansion would be a tremendous undertaking for the Big Ten and the Division 1 athletics as a whole. However, Delaney, or whoever is in charge of the Big Ten, will continue to feel the back-draft from conference expansion talks as long as its college football programs continue to struggle on the national stage. (Newark Star-Ledger)
Must-See Photo
Mets shortstop Jose Reyes avoids Atlanta's Chipper Jones while turning a double play in the sixth. (AP)
Must-See Video
In the span of 47 seconds, interviewer David Feherty managed to call Tiger Woods a loser three times.
Game To Watch
NBA Playoffs, Round 2, Game 2: Magic at Celtics, 8:00 p.m. ET
Orlando Magic
Boston Celtics
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Boston Celtics
1997 -- Rick Pitino becomes head coach of the Boston Celtics.
1987 -- Mario Andretti sets the one-lap speed record at Indy at 218.204 MPH
1982 -- Seattle Mariner Gaylord Perry becomes the 15th pitcher to win 300 games.
1956 -- Cincinnati's Gus Bell homers off Bob Miller in both games of a double header.
1953 -- The Brown's Bobo Holloman no-hits the Philadelphia A's in his first major league start.

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